chalkboard pumpkin tabletop DIY

Last week I shared this {fall table styling} using these adorable chalkboard pumpkins as napkin rings and place cards. Today I am sharing this super easy chalkboard pumpkin DIY and the many ideas on how to use them.

chalkboard pumpkin tabletop DIY

Supplies you’ll need to make tabletop chalkboard pumpkins

  1. Wooden Pumpkin Forms
  2. Chalkboard Paint
  3. Foam Brush
  4. Chalk
chalkboard pumpkin tabletop DIY

Instructions for the chalkboard pumpkin DIY

  1. Set-up paint area
  2. Lay-out all chalkboard formss so they do not overlap
  3. Apply a coat of chalkboard paint on all the wooden pumpkins using the foam brush
  4. Repeat above step 3 times, allowing plenty of drying time between coats
  5. Once the last coat of chalkboard paint is set and dry, apply a layer of chalk across the entire surface using the side of a piece of chalk to condition your chalkboard pumpkins
  6. To clean the chalk off the surface simply use a damp paper towel to wipe chalk away
chalkboard pumpkin tabletop DIY

Uses for the tabletop chalkboard pumpkins

Napkin Ring

The chalkboard pumpkin forms I used came with a hole at the top of the stem. Simply thread a piece of black & white twine through the hole to wrap around the napkins, converting them into chalkboard pumpkin napkin rings.

pumpkin chalkboard craft

Place Card

Since the chalkboard paint makes these cute little chalkboard pumpkins customizable, I wrote everyone’s names on them to use as place cards at the table as well.

chalkboard pumpkin DIY

Gift Tag

You can write any message on these cute little pumpkins, making them a perfect and special little gift tag. I used one on a bottle of wine as a thank you gift for some friends. It would be great as a hostess gift this time of year as well.

Decor Accent

You can also write any seasonal sentiments to add as decor throughout your home. Little details like these add more dimension and interest to your designs with a personalized touch.

Pumpkin decor

Food Marker

This time of year tends to be a busy entertaining season, which you can read all about my entertaining tips here {how to get ready for the entertaining season & some tablescape ideas}, and these pumpkins are perfect to add to a a buffet table as food markers. Or on a cheese platter or charcuterie board to identify food selections. These would be a great addition to a Thanksgiving spread.

chalkboard pumpkin DIY

Alcohol | Beverage Marker

These pumpkin chalkboards would be cute on a bar set-up, labeling all the bottles. Or even to dress up any beverage, making it extra special this time of year.

chalkboard pumpkin DIY

notes for the chalkboard pumpkin DIY

I found these little wooden pumpkin forms at a local Dollar Tree. I bought them last year, and I am not sure if they have them again this year. It was a pack of 5 for $1 when I bought them, making this a really inexpensive craft.

Crafts stores also carry similar pieces, although they might be slightly more expensive, but with seasonal sales and coupons one never knows.

autumnal pumpkin decor

I use real chalk to write my sentiments, which can sometimes prove to be messy. If that bothers you, you can always use the chalk markers, which will be less messy. Keep in mind the markers tend to be harder to remove. I would only use it for something permanent that you won’t necessarily erase and reuse.

more chalkboard goodness and crafting

My mother instilled a crafting heart in me at a young age. I love the entire process, starting with the idea conception to the planning and shopping to the actual execution. Of course then the implementation | use of said craft is always super fun, but sharing it with all of you is an ultimate joy. I hope you enjoy it too and are inspired at some level. More seasonal projects are coming your way so stay tuned.

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I love all holidays! I love all the traditions and fun they bring into our lives.

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” 

Dieter F Uchtdorf

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