big boy turns SIX!

Grunge_6_2Today, my first born turned six years old! Can you believe it?  I can’t.  The responsibility of being a parent still awes me on a daily basis.  I am blessed with happy & healthy children and I am thankful for this everyday…. so, back to our regular scheduled program.  At 3:39am this morning Sebastian turned 6.  He no longer can give his age by using the fingers on one hand.  He has to use two hands.  That’s huge in my book!  He’s a very sweet, sensitive, smart little guy amidst all his crazy, energetic boy-ness.  We started the celebration on Tuesday by hosting playgroup at our house.  Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting & hot chocolate were the treat of choice.  Pretty evident what this kid likes, huh?  He celebrated further today at school with his classmates, where he shared rice krispie treats after they all sang to him at snack time (I forgot my camera, bad mommy).  Tomorrow he will have 5 of his best buds spend the night for a sleep over.  Yes, that makes 6 – about 6 year old boys together under one roof for a long time.  Don’t ask me what I was thinking when I agreed to this.  Lexi also gets to have one little girlfriend over so she doesn’t feel left out &/or bug the boys, but I digress. Grunge_globe_4 and last but not least Sebi will have a big bash in the beginning of March or so with ALL his friends at the house (we had to let the sod set & dry from this incessant rain).  Here he is with the globe grandma & grandpa sent him.  i’m so happy they got this for him since I’ve been wanting to get him one of these for awhile.  It really helps them understand when we travel and hopefully appreciate the distances & places we go.  And of course he also got some transformers since that has become his new obsession.
So wish me luck with the sleep over tomorrow night & I’ll post next week all the ooey, gooey boy details.  Here’s Sebastian on Tuesday, celebrating his birthday at playgroup before his haircut!
I love this boy SO much; he makes me very proud.


  1. Lacey says:

    You are so sweet – thanks for the comment. I think i just need to sit and create. You are such a doll.
    Happy Birthday to your little boy (or not so little boy) we’ll call him your little man! Hope he has a FANTASTIC 6th birthday!!!

  2. {leah} says:

    Happy birthday to your little boy, mj! (That’s so cool. David will be 6 in July, so they’re close in age! 🙂 Sounds like they’re liking the same things, too. Transformers, legos, sweets, and just being a crazy boy… Love the globe. David got an atlas for Christmas. Good luck with the house full of boys! 🙂

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