yes, halloween happened

Already, BUT I’m just getting to post about it now.  My ghouls consisted of PINK Supergirl and Captain Commander Rex (from Star Wars the Clone Wars – for those of you who don’t keep up with this sort of thing or don’t live with a boy between the ages of 5 – 9).
 IMG_4336  IMG_4208
Here is PINK Supergirl and Captain Commander Rex at the school parade on Friday.
 IMG_4234  IMG_4250
Notice Captain Commander Rex doesn’t have his helmet at the parade.  I got Sebi the mask that came with the costume, but he kept talking about wanting a helmet.  The mask wasn’t good enough ‘cuz it doesn’t go over his whole head!  Geesh!  Who knew?!?  Well, after looking in two Halloween stores, Target, ToyRus and even in Tomorrowland in Disneyland, I gave up on the helmet idea.  Well, Matt only got informed about the whole helmet thing at the umptheenth (is that a word ?!?) hour and in true dada fashion could not diappoint Sebastian.  So sometime on Friday he found the helmet at ToysRus, which Sebi & I had seen mind you, I just thought it was a toy not for wearing since it’s ginormous (another word- look it up).  Anyway, the thing is pretty cool, it talks certain commands or you can turn on a microphone so your voice comes out all Captain Commander Rex.  Sebastian wore it for all of two houses trick or treating & then it ended up in the wagon… too cubersome to run from house to house with…forgotten.  That was money well spent.  Actually it was, since he still plays with it now.  Anyway we went out trick or treating with our friends & neighbors.  Here’s the whole gang.  I love that the girls are holding hands.  I love that you can only see one of Trevor’s eyes.  Not sure how I feel about Sebastian’s helmet since that could be any kid in there for all we know. 
Of course lets not forget Auntie Fabianna who’s with us every year!
Just a couple of things I need to mention for future reference.  Lexi’s pink & blue hair extensions (the blue is in the back can’t see it from here) are from her make over experience in downtown Disney a couple of weeks ago.  I still need to blog about our annual Disneyland trip.  Lexi also received “Tinkerbell & the lost treasure” dvd when Sebastian got his ginormous (still a word) helmet.  Since we had just met Tinkerbell in Pixie Hollow it seemed appropriate.  We have met the princesses for a few years now, but this was our first stop in Pixie Hollow….but I’m getting ahead of my posts….more on this to come w/ my Disney post.
Back to Halloween.  So part of my business restructure this past summer was to integrate a theme kit every month on top of my monthly technique workshops.  As expected the theme for October was Halloween.  Here’s a peek at the kit & the samples I produced.
 Oct 09 halloween 
 Oct 09 halloween - sample 1
   Oct 09 halloween - sample 2

This was two years ago.  2007.  Our last year trick or treating at the old house  in Dublin.  Cinderella.  SPD Red Power Ranger.  You can read more about this fun Halloween here. 


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