meet harry

Grunge spider
Or {Hary} as Sebastian wrote on his report.  The 2nd graders at Sebi’s school have to give their 1st oral presentation and it had to be on a ghost or spider they created and hence har{r}y was born.  He wasn’t born without incident mind you, since these projects of course involve much parent participation.  So a mangled manicure from black spray paint, and 2 blisters from hot glue gun and a sacrificed towel to protect everything around har{r}y’s creation later…. we welcomed our new furry friend.  According to Sebastian har{r}y was born in Washington not in Danville, California and likes to play video games.  Who knew?  But I love Sebi’s response to the last presentation prompt: “something I’d like you to know about my ghost or spider is”….   and I quote “Hary is a black widow spider because he has a red under belly.”  and so very true my friends.  Har{r}y has a red felt hour glass on his under belly.  Can you tell we’re a spider family?  If this or this wasn’t proof enough.  I wish I could be a fly on the wall when he gives his little presentation.  I told him to try to make eye contact with his audience as he spoke and not simply read his paper with his head down.  So in true Sebastian fashion he almost had it all memorized last night so he didn’t have to read at all.  But I know once you get in front of the whole class it’s waaaay harder to remember anything.  Sending good {{{vibes}}} your way buddy.  And here’s the man of the hour w/ his new furry, har{r}y, friend.



  1. evalyn says:

    Very crafty, MJ! Don’t you just love these kind of school projects? I always have to hold myself back from doing the whole thing myself and let the girlies do part of it!

  2. Lain says:

    Adorable! I love it!

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