when life gives you lemons….

Make lemonade {which I plan to make today}
Make roasted lemon chicken {which I made last night}
Make lemon cheesecake {which hopefully I’ll make this weekend}
But our tree overfloweth and I need more recipes {of course I haven’t googled yet or anything}
Our tree is going crazy {which I love & not complaining by any means} I just don’t want them to go to waste.  This basket is not even half of what’s out there.  I surely will be gifting to friends and family.
I’m really happy since last year it didn’t do much, but it was Mr. lemon tree’s 1st season with us.  Unfortunately our lime tree is doing nada!  I still have hope though…
And of course I can’t forget about my fellow harvester.
Sebastian was at baseball practice so he didn’t participate this time around, but both of the kids embrace our garden and love the process from dirt to table.  I hope we instill in them enough that they’ll grow up to want and have their own vegetable gardens some day.
On a TOTAL side note: do you see that pen mark on Lexi’s shorts?  New shorts. just bought them on Sunday for her spring wardrobe. 1st time wearing them. Already, really?



  1. evalyn says:

    I have tons of lemons too! How about lemon marmalade or even easier, preserved lemons? Lemon cake is yummy too. Can you freeze the lemon juice in ice cube trays? On my side note, are you going to Expo? Let me know, we can meet up for lunch. I’m going on Saturday. I’ll text you next week.

  2. cate says:

    wow! this makes me want a lemon tree even more… lemon meringue pie, preserved lemons, lemonade… I’ve run out of lemon foods…

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