welcome bailey!

Sooooo, our family is complete again.
Meet bailey.
She’s a yellow lab.
She’s a girl.
She’s mischievous.
She was born on Christmas day.
We picked her up the day we got back from St. Thomas, Sunday, February 17th.
This was unexpected since we hadn’t heard from the breeder until he called while we were on vacation.
The lady who was slotted to take the 3rd and final female in the litter could not take her at the last minute.
It was meant to be.
Life is good.
So glad the kids get to see her as a puppy and will grow with her since they always had so many questions about Mocha.  And although we still miss Mocha immensely, and he will never be replaced, the natural order of things seem to be rectified for the moment.
Did I mention life is good?



  1. Evalyn says:

    Hi, friend! Adorable puppy!

  2. maryjo materazo says:

    thank u! how r u. it’s been too long. hope all is well. u scrapping?

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