thrifted goodies – the Easter basket edition

Welcome to the next installment of thrifted goodies! Today I am sharing thrifted vintage basket finds, which I am dressing up for Easter. I love looking at thrift store items and giving them a new life. These thrift store finds have resurrected into Easter baskets {see what I did there?}.

Rachel from the Antiqued Journey and I share thrift store goodness every month and this month we are joined by Lynne from Thrifted Wonderland. Bonus!

Come on in and grab your beverage of choice, because this is a fun one and you’ll want to stick around. Rachel always has such wonderful inspiration and knowledge about thrift store shopping. She finds the best stuff so make sure to pay her a visit.

thrifted goodies vol 9

For the first time we have invited a guest to join in the thrift store goodness and Lynn from Thrifted Wonderland is just perfect! She is a master thrifter and you’ll want to see what she has to share.

three vintage treasures

Come on in and let me share these fun pieces I found thrift store shopping, and dressed up as Easter baskets. You can view the entire previous thrifted goodies series at the end of the post.

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thrifted silver Easter basket goodness

,Although all the pieces are baskets of some sort, I do not believe any of them were initially intended for the Easter holiday. The baskets vary from silver plate to wire to glass, but the silver color palette brings them all together.

Dressing the different baskets in their Sunday best only unifies them more, bringing an eclectic collection together. I had so much fun styling the different baskets with all sorts of Easter and spring goodness.

details of each thrifted Easter basket

a silver plate basket

I found this silver basket a few years ago, and I immediately thought it would make a great Easter basket styling. I used this fabulous basket when I created these paper napkin decoupaged Easter eggs.

Today I piled it high with plenty of spring and Easter goodness. It’s dressed up with a faux chocolate bunny, colorful eggs, floral smudge sticks, a boxwood wreath and a couple of green transfer ware dishes, which are also a recent thrift store find.

I have a slight obsession with transferware and green is my favorite. Check out my post {thrifted green transferware goodies} to see my collection. I have some spring plans for these beauties so stay tuned.

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a silver square wire basket

I shared this basket when I scored it with a rather large thrift store haul, which you can read about here {thrifted goodies – insights & inspiration} at last month’s thrifted goodies post. I recently used it as an egg basket to coral some beautiful home laid eggs here {how to create a deviled egg garnish board}.

Today the wire basket is piled high with decoupaged easter eggs sitting on a bed of Spanish moss and preserved bleached Ambernut branches, which I first shared here {springing into summer with a frame wreath}. A creamy velvet bow finishes off the basket.

a silverplate basketweave tub

I found the little basket years ago, and I love the basketweave pattern. I shared it in an Easter vignette last year {Easter egg tree decor and more}.

This year it’s piled high with Easter glitter eggs, which are crowned with a jeweled bird. As a juxtaposition to all the bling a bunch of feathers are tucked in for organic texture.

a mini round wire basket

This tiny wire basket has amazing detail. I just picked it up at the recent thrift shopping excursion where I found the green transferware dishes I shared above. This little basket can be dressed up for many different holidays throughout the year.

A tiny nest sits on top of speckled eggs with feathers tucked here and there. It’s so sweet and I wish I had more to put at everyone’s place setting at the easter table.

a silver glass votive holder

Ok, so this isn’t a basket per se, but that handle totally got me along with the metal filigree. I picked this up at the same recent shopping trip where I found the tiny basket above and green transferware dishes.

I figured it would fit right in with the basket theme, and then it will join my collection of mercury glass votives, which are sprinkled in plenty of vignettes and table scapes. For today it simply dons some sheet music scrolls and the handle is adorned with a pretty green velvet ribbon.

I hope his inspires you to look at thrift store finds with broad eyes and see all the possibilities each piece can bring.

thrifted Easter basket stylings

Although each basket is styled with an individual theme or flair, I brought them all together on the dining room table. They dress up the room for the holiday, but slowly I’ll start to sprinkle them around the house to add seasonal decor here and there.

more thrifted goodies inspiration

get the Easter basket look

“Easter is the only time it’s safe to put all your eggs in one basket.”

Evan Esar

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  1. Cindy says:

    These are great pieces. Sadly, NJ has the worst thrifting.

    1. Wow that’s sad to hear. I grew up in NJ before moving to California. I had a couple of antique spots I frequented but I wasn’t thrifting regularly back then. XO- MJ

  2. MaryJo, I was delighted to see your versatile baskets used to display such wonderful Spring and Easter goodies. My favorites are the silver-plated basket (always a fan of the formal) and the tiny, intricate basket with the bird’s nest. Grouping all the baskets together on your dining room table makes a strong impact. I can really see them distributed throughout you house, as well, adding some Easter/Spring cheer to other rooms. It’s such fun being part of “Thrifted Goodies” this month.

    1. Thanks so much Lynn. I really appreciate your sweet words. It was fun putting this together and getting in an Easter mood. XO- MJ

  3. Rachel says:

    SO GOOD!!! How pretty!! I love how you styled all your baskets in such different ways yet they all feel cohesive when placed on the table together. Love this one…so perfect for Easter!

    1. Thanks Rachel. It definetly got me in an Easter mood. The rain won’t go away around here but I’m so ready for spring!!! Always fun sharing with you. XO- MJ

  4. Kathy A says:

    Really enjoying seeing how you styled your baskets–such an awesome mix of formal and casual, sophisticated and homey. I have never used the “droopy” velvet ribbon to make bows and especially enjoyed seeing how you used it.

    1. Thanks so much Kathy! It was a fun project that really got me into the Easter | Spring mode. I’m obsessed with that velvet ribbon and I’ve used it in a few colors now. I see more in my future. 🙂 thanks for dropping by. XO- MJ

  5. Carolyn Bauerle says:

    Gorgeous setting Mary Jo. I love your array of baskets. I tuck Easter eggs everywhere with vintage handkerchiefs, especially into my crystal pieces with fairy lights. Then there is my love of kitschy Easter- always so fun! Thank you again for inspiration and I will definitely be checking out the other bloggers!

    1. Oh! Thanks so much Carolyn. I would love to see pictures of your Easter decor. It sounds right up my alley. Happy Easter to you & yours. XO- MJ

  6. Donna Allen says:

    Hi Mary Jo! Your thrifted baskets are so beautiful! I love each of them individually but then when you filled them and put them together, it’s amazing! You table looks wonderful!! Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks so much Donna! I really appreciate your comment! Thanks for the visit & have a wonderful weekend. XO- MJ

  7. Anna Price says:

    MaryJo – Gosh I love those silver baskets. The silver plate basket with the glittery eggs and bird is my favorite. You did an amazing job styling all of these baskets and I love your out of the box thinking on how to use them.

    1. Thanks so much Anna. I really appreciate your kind words. XO- MJ

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