springing into summer with a frame wreath

Remember the frame wreath in the dining room? I just updated it for all the late spring and early summer feels. A pretty basket with blooms decorates the summer frame wreath in the dining room now, adding a touch of summer cheeriness.

springing into summer frame wreath

I decorated a little basket and filled it with dried blooms, which hangs in the frame on the original bunch of eucalyptus. You can read about how I initially created the foundation for this frame wreath here {easy frame wreath tutorial}. You can also see how it has transformed for different holidays here {St. Patrick’s day frame wreath}, and here {an easy Mardi Gras tablescape idea}, and here {rustic Easter carrots wreath frame}.

springing into summer frame wreath

Details of the summer frame wreath


I bought this primitive basket from Amazon, and unfortunately it was not all that when it arrived. The color was off, and it was a bit wonky. It doesn’t sit upright very well but thankfully it has a handle, meant for hanging.

I used a quick white wash technique to soften the color of the basket. By using watered down chalk paint, it creates a soft wash that lightly coats the basket. I used Annie Sloane’s Old White chalk paint with a 50-50 ration of paint to water.

Then I created a decorative fabric patch to attach to the basket to give it a bit more personality. I used a variety of stamps on some upholstery lining fabric I had left over from another project. When you are stamping for a project I always recommend stamping your design on a scrap piece of paper first, in order to achieve the proper composition and pressure.

Then the decorative patch is simply attached to the basket with spray adhesive. The little facelift to the basket was much needed, and it gives it the perfect little touch of personality.

springing into summer frame wreath

⚜️Bleached Ambernut branches

I chose to use preserved blooms instead of fresh flowers for a couple of reasons. It’s easier to not handle water in the small silhouette of the basket. It makes the project cleaner and simpler.

springing into summer frame wreath

Also the dried blooms will last indefinitely, until I decide to update the frame wreath. Fresh flowers would require a water change and would eventually wilt. I opted for a lower maintenance choice.

springing into summer frame wreath


Once I had the basket assembled with the design updates and blooms, I added a burlap ribbon with green accents on one side for added interest. By using a piece of twine, the basket hangs off of the frame. It makes me super happy.

springing into summer frame wreath

I still have the same bunch of eucalyptus hanging as a backdrop in the frame from a few months ago. The dried eucalyptus compliments the bleached Ambernut branches nicely. The eucalyptus was shedding a bit while I assembled this frame wreath, so I think next time I will have to change out the greenery.

I love how the new little basket has brightened this backdrop in the dining room. And I included a styling to compliment the summer frame wreath.

springing into summer frame wreath

Styling the summer frame wreath

The small sideboard under the frame wreath got a new styling to freshen the dining room. Using our collection of {brown bottles with French labels} on a pretty silver tray completes the vignette.

The flowers are from my Mother’s Day bouquet, which Miss M created for me, plus some eucalyptus left over from this project {Breakfast at Tiffany’s brunch tablescape}. I try to repurpose and use fresh blooms around our home as much as possible, which you can read about here {stretching grocery store flowers}. I also added a few sprigs of oregano form the veggie garden. They smell so good!

I love how this little bit of summer cheeriness mirrors all the goodness blooming in the outdoor gardens right now. There are outdoor projects coming your way soon.

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“As we evolve, our homes should too.”

Suzanne Tucker

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  1. What a great frame/wreath. It is perfect for so many seasons and holidays and it just took a little tweaking to be ready for the next occasion.

    1. Yup! It’s been super fun changing it up for different holidays & seasons. Thanks for stopping by. XO- MJ

  2. NikiLEOwife says:

    I love wreaths that you can change with the seasons, and this frame wreath is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing on Crafty Creators!
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife

  3. Thanks so much Niki! I am glad you liked the wreath share. XO- MJ

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