the older woman

So my birthday was the other day, you can read about it here, and Matt’s is on Friday, November 16th.  We were born eight days apart, yes, that’s right, we’re both Scorpios, living under one roof, prepared to go the distance with each other, ” ’til death do us part” (regardless of how that death is brought upon us…), but I digress.  The point being that I’m eight days older than my husband.  That’s right, eight days.  Matt absolutely loves the fact that he’s married to an older woman.  Not a year goes by that he doesn’t mention it and it’s true, he’s merely stating a fact I guess.  What makes me chuckle about the whole thing is that I don’t fit the bill.  When I hear “the older woman” I have visions of a sultry, seductive female fatale, and…..that’s just not me.  I guess eight days just doesn’t cut it!  So on that note I leave you with some layouts from our birthdays 2 years ago.  It’s when we turned 39, which has to be the lamest age to turn, EVER, hence the quiet celebrations at home with family.  Now turning 40 required a trip to NYC sans children that will have to be left for another post some other day when I have plenty of time.
So anyway, back to the layout conversation, I created these using the Imagination Project, office supplied line.  I love the office/documentation style that has become a trend in the scrapbooking industry.  There’s lined, ledger, grid paper, staples, paper clips, official looking stamps, stickers, rub-ons….the list goes on really.  I intended to focus my September workshop on this theme, but unfortunately I had to cancel due to the purchase of our new home, staging preparation of our old home and the sad news that Imagination Project will no longer be in business.  So even if I wanted to do this later, I can’t, because I can’t guarantee the class kits.  I have rescheduled the office themed workshop for January 2008, possibly using this, and this.  stay tuned.  Anyway, I had roughly sketched out my class samples when I received this sad bit of information so I went ahead and created the layouts, but was able to use additional products I wouldn’t have been able to include in the class kit.
Mj_bday Matt_bday
My new McGill punch that I used to make the tabs is one of my new favorite tools, thanks to Ali Edwards, the enabler.


  1. leah says:

    {HeeHee} what is it with guys and age?! My hubby gives me such a hard time about being younger ~ he tries to make it sound like he robbed the cradle! {Bwahahahahaha!} We’re 4.5 years apart.
    Love your pages! I’ve got that punch, too, and I absolutely love it. One thing ~ I personally like the SR office supply stuff a LOT. The shading on the colors is much more subtle that the Imagination Project. {I’ve used both.} Good luck on your workshop! 🙂

  2. evalyn says:

    Love your pages–as always! I have that punch too–bought it as soon as Ali said she had it–LOL! And, yes, I am the older woman too–but 11 years older than my husband!

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