the end

My last catch-up post:  mother’s day.
I was in very good hands. I got all my gifts in bed.  I love to see all the crafty things my kids make for me at school.  Lexi presented me with a ceramic duck and Sebastian created a framed parrot image (hmmm, bird theme going on- how trendy of my kids).  ; )  I received white roses from my hubby and yellow tulips from my in-laws; the simplicity of having fresh flowers around the house puts a smile on my face.
After the gift opening ceremony I watched a movie in bed while Matt prepared his killer breakfast burritos.  I spent the day pretty much doing whatever I wanted, napping, scrapping (almost done with my December daily- I know it’s an embarrassment) or whatever I felt like while Matt entertained the kids.  He prepared a fabulous filet & grilled lobster tail dinner and invited Fabi to join us.  I love having family around me.
It’s good to be MOM!


I love hearing from you!