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So every year our school has something called “camp Montair” where the kids get to spend a Friday evening at school running around with their buddies having fun.  Translation:  Matt & I have a Friday evening free without having to pay a sitter.  This year it was a couple of weeks ago when I was just starting to get sick so although we enjoyed some time out at our favorite wine bar where we ran into some friends I was not 100%.  We went home by 9:30 and chillaxed before Matt picked up the kids at school.  This is what came home:
Yes.  There’s face painting.  And crazy hair dos.  Not to mention the nail polish you can’t see.  But the best part?  The never ending smiles.  I don’t think they had any fun.
Good thing I know this guy is sweet & sensitive otherwise I might be a little bit scared.
On the other hand I’m already scared of this one so this just made me smile.  These two make me smile most of the time…and when I’m having one of those non-smiling moments I just have to remember these images to bring it all into perspective.
it’s ALL good!


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