inspired fall mantel stylings

Decorating for Fall is super fun! It’s my favorite season, and the mantel in the living room is one of my first stops for seasonal decorating around our home. For some fall decor inspiration here are some fall mantel stylings I have used in the past.

fall mantel & fireplace

It’s the first day of September and I started to decorate for fall inside. I started with the living room mantel which is always a fun spot to decorate. I’m sharing the mantel, fireplace & hearth.  the whole kit & caboodle.  The whole enchilada.  The whole nine yards.  I’ll stop now. I’ll let the picturesContinue reading “fall mantel & fireplace”

fall inspiration

Let me preface this post by saying I am not ready for fall at all!  In the slightest bit. zilch. nada.  I’m still buying flowers for the containers on the patio!  Really.  It was close to 100 degrees here today. BUT blog land, magazines, catalogs, retailers all tell me otherwise.  So in order to playContinue reading “fall inspiration”