stylish st. patrick’s day tablescape

St. patricks stylish tablescape

Hello friends!  We are less than a week away from the fun St. Patrick’s Day celebration and I set a table in its honor.  I used some specific things as a nod to the Irish heritage behind this holiday.

St. patricks stylish tablescape1

The obvious would be to use green, Green and more GREEN, but I tried to do it with subtle touches rather than hit you over the head with it.  Let me also share {if you haven’t heard  me say it already a million times} that green is my favorite color.

St. patricks stylish tablescape2

So I really had to control myself and edit in order to not be too over the top with the green.  Actually I believe green can be used as a neutral sometimes, but that’s a topic for another day on a different post.

St. patricks stylish tablescape3

I injected green with some of the dishes, linens and florals.  These dainty Limoges dishes are a recent addition to my collection.  I actually spied them during a thrifting excursion last summer with miss Masterpiece.  She wanted to visit a fairly new thrift store near us that is humongous!  We stumbled upon it on a 1/2 price sale day and the place was a zoo!!  I had these dishes and some other housewares in my bin and miss M had found some things as well but the line was craZy, so we ended up just dumping everything and getting out of dodge.

St. patricks stylish tablescape4

BUT, I kept thinking about those little dishes…I told my cousin about them…I told my aunt about them…finally I couldn’t take it any more so a couple of days later I popped back into the store.  And much to my amazement they were still there!!!  I scooped them right up, and although I didn’t get the 50% off sale price I didn’t care because they were still ridiculously low priced.  Basically I paid about $1 more for each dish, so you do the math.  Yup, it was a great deal.

St. patricks stylish tablescape5

I knew they would play nice with my Lenox wedding china and I used them throughout the entire Holiday season.  They are in between an American bread plate and salad/accent plate size.  It’s the perfect size for appetizers while mingling or sweets at a dessert bar.

St. patricks stylish tablescape6

I need to explain that I have looked for dishes like this for awhile.  Something with a green accent {love}, and that would coordinate with my current china and that would not break the bank {never mind being a steal} and would be of good quality.   You know how I always say to have that running list of those ultimate items your seek and you will eventually find them at the right price.  You just need patience {which I actually don’t have}.  I never anticipated to find Limoges at this price.

St. patricks stylish tablescape7

Ok, okay!  Enough about the darn dishes.  It’s the little things that sometimes make me so happy though.

St. patricks stylish tablescape8

As I was trying to decide what accent to use at each place setting, I decided to use these moss stones because they reminded me of Irish lush landscapes covered with mossy terrain, which thrives in the climates throughout Ireland.

St. patricks stylish tablescape9

I also echoed the green in the simple floral arrangements as well.  I used Bells of Ireland, mini hydrangeas and some lime poms.  I chose to  display them all in Irish cut crystal vases as another nod to the holiday.

St. patricks stylish tablescape10

I added my mismatched silver-plate candlesticks with random green candles to add to the ambiance.

St. patricks stylish tablescape11

I also used our wedding Irish Waterford crystal wine goblets at the place settings.

St. patricks stylish tablescape12

Between the crystal, china and silver it adds a level of refinement.   But then the casual linens, easy floral arrangements and moss stones in depression glass compote cups adds a level of in-formalness.  I love the juxtaposition of setting a pretty table, using fancy things, but keeping it grounded so it’s not stuffy and uncomfortable.  I hope that makes sense.  It does to me, lol.

St. patricks stylish tablescape13

I hope I’ve done justice in honoring the holiday with the Irish crystal, green details and moss stones evoking Irish landscapes.  It was a fun table to put together, and without the explanations of all the Irish details, it could actually be used for any spring occasions.

St. patricks stylish tablescape14

“May the Irish hills caress you.  May her lakes and rivers bless you.  May the luck of the Irish enfold you.  May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you.”
~Irish Blessing~


  1. Lovely! And to cap it off with those wonderful plates! Great mix of ‘high’ and low’.

  2. Kathy A says:

    I loved the quiet elegance of your tablescape! I collect Irish blessings and was unfamiliar with your closing quote; thanx for adding to my collection!

  3. Ann Krucek says:

    Very pretty!!! What a beautiful plate stack!

  4. Ranger Smith says:

    This is an elegantly beautiful table! I have a few of those same Limoges dishes that I’ve found in various spots. I think you’ve inspired me to use them this weekend. Thank you

  5. Thanks Sandra! Yes, love mixing the high & low. Thanks for stopping by. xo- mj

  6. Hi Kathy! I’m so glad I found a new quote for you! It just spoke to me & I hadn’t heard it either. Thanks for the sweet compliment. xo- mj

  7. Thanks Ann- I’m loving the plate stack as well. Lol. Thank you so much for stopping by. xo- mj

  8. Hi Ranger. I’m so glad I inspired you to use your dishes. That’s my ultimate goal! To inspire & be inspired. Have a wonderful day. xo- mj

  9. Janet says:

    Haha love your tale of the thrift store… I’m not afraid to leave the store if the line is crazy-long, but then of course also regret leaving dishes behind! LOL This is a beautiful table – I too like to combine fancy and casual elements in each table. It makes the table look special, but not super-formal.

  10. Freda says:

    That is a beautiful St. Paddy’s tablescape!!

  11. This is such a pretty tablescape MaryJo. And I am really Irish, so not for the day only. LOL
    Thank you so much for linking up to our Celebrate Your Story link party. We hope we are providing a celebration of your post and perhaps yours will be chosen as a feature by one of the hosts.
    Have a great and Blessed Day!

  12. Hi Janet. I’ve left many things behind at thrifts either for lines, or change of heart or just lose the mood, but these plates stayed with me so I knew I had to go back. I’m just glad they were still there. lol. xo- mj

  13. thank you Freda. I appreciate your sweet compliment! xo- mj

  14. Gorgeous. The candlestick collection is amazing.

  15. Vanessa says:

    This is a gorgeous tablescape. Thank you for sharing at Dishing it and Digging it link party. You are one of the features this Sunday. Thank you again.

  16. Just lovely, MaryJo!!!
    I caught your Irish crystal glasses right off… I have a cut-glass bowl that I inherited down from my great-grandmother Julia Foley and I’ve thrifted a couple of other cut-glass pieces. Might have to create a St. Patrick’s Day post myself! (I just haven’t been in a blogging mood lately; felt more like just reading this winter.)
    Happy to feature your beautiful china (I do like your newest pieces!!!) and your tablescape at tonight’s Share Your Style #295. <3
    From one Scotch-Irish (48%)-English-Welsh girl to another,
    Big hugs,
    Barb 🙂

  17. Michael says:

    This was a wonderful table! I have one of those Limoges salad dishes, a platter and two ramekins. Have never come across any more.

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