santa baby~

Christmas card
Visited the big guy in the red suit and as a bonus this year we also saw Mrs. Claus.  The kids are fully aware that it’s really not “Santa” but simply a man that looks like him dressed in a Santa suit spreading the magic of Christmas ‘cuz Santa is waaaaay too busy.  Phew, still believe in the main guy even if the mall guy is being called out.  And what makes mommy happy?  That my kids are still excited to take a picture with Santa, whoever he might be.
The Santa visit was bundled with a jaunt to the movies and we checked out The Muppets at Sebastian’s persistent request.  The kids loved it, mommy & daddy not so much.  All the cameos and guest star appearances was the best part if that gives you any indication.  But we can check it off the list and move on to the next thing.
The kids are home on winter break and they both had great Christmas joy in the classroom on the last day of school.  Mrs. Donovan, Lexi’s teacher, always does a potluck from around the world.  Super yummy and we made Faina from Uruguay.
Lexi and some of her gal pals.  They don’t have any fun at all!
Sebastian’s teacher, Ms. Miranda, played a movie for the kids to chillax w/ hot chocolate & treats.  Perfect for a bunch of 4th graders.  Yhey loved it!
{ho ~ ho ~ ho}


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