merry, happy, feliz….

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Feliz dia de los Reyes
Hello 2012!
I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday season and felt like I was actually  “present” through it all (probably one of the reasons I didn’t post on here as it all happened).
Christmas was a success & everyone pretty much enjoyed themselves.
We rang in the New Year at our friend’s caroline & hywel’s home.
And for the first time los Reyes Magos (the 3 Kings) made it to our home.  The kids put out their shoes on January 5th and the morning of the 6th they found their treasures; gold (itunes card), myrrh (cotton candy) and frankincense (football cards/light up sketchers).  Of course the kids were over the moon with even more gifts but I was happy to bring this tradition into my family.  I grew up celebrating los Reyes Magos and they might have even been more important than Papa Noel even (Santa Claus).  I am so happy to share this little part of me with them.  I know if my parents were here they would want it this way.
And looking at the year ahead, i’m left pondering what i would like my one little word for 2012 to be……


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