pine cone wreath DIY

pine cone wreath DIY

I recently just shared my {Christmas crafting in July} post from the archives, and this is another great project to tack on. These hot summer days are the perfect time to work on projects inside (when it’s uncomfortable to work in our gardens), in the coolness of our AC, and prepare for the hectic holiday season.

square pine cone wreath

This pine cone wreath is perfect to use from the end of September all the way until the end of January for me. This will depend on where you live, but it’s a versatile wreath with many uses through the fall, holidays and winter seasons.

pine cone wreath craft

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materials for a pine cone wreath DIY

⚜️a wire wreath form (I chose a square one but round one would work just as well)

⚜️many, Many, MANY pine cones, assorted sizes and colors

pine cone craft

tools for a pine cone wreath DIY

⚜️hot glue gun

⚜️p-l-e-n-t-y of glue sticks


pine cone wreath decor

instructions for a pine cone wreath DIY

⚜️Arrange work station with pine cones, wire form and hot glue gun

⚜️Organize pine cones by size

⚜️Starts by glueing a pine cone in each corner

⚜️Starting at a corner start glueing more pine cones to form, alternating sizes and directions

⚜️Once you have filled the entire form with pine cones adhere smaller cones anywhere you have gaps and holes to make the wreath full and flush

pine cone craft

⚜️Let all the hot glue cool off; turn the wreath around; trim all the hot glue strings with the scissors to clean up the back

⚜️Hang your wreath in a place you can admire it and enjoy it.

tips & insights for DIY wreath

I picked a larger sized pine cone with a longer body for the corners to serve as anchors.

Make sure to alternate the size and color of the pinecones as you build around the form to create interest.

I bought my frame at the Dollar Tree. Also many of the pine cones I forage from nature, making this a fairly inexpensive craft. If you cannot find pine cones in your area use a coupon at a craft store. Also after season sales are a great resource.

I trimmed some of the hot glue strings as I worked around the wreath. This keeps the project as tidy as possible while in progress.

As you glue pine cones around the form make sure to hold them and weave them as close as possible to other cones to prevent gaps.

Save the tiny pine cones until the end and use them strategically to fill any gaps and balance any lopsidedness.

styling the pine cone wreath

I styled the newly crafted pine cone wreath on my front door. I left it plain, and I love how it looks on our fairly new dutch door. For the holidays I think I might add some ribbon and maybe greenery.

This wraps up Christmas in July here on the blog as we head into August. Get ready for some early fall prep and late summer projects.

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get the supplies for the pine cone wreath

“Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.”

John Muir

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  1. Carol Benton says:

    Beautiful and classic wreath! I always like using natural elements in home decor.

    1. Thanks Carol. I love organic decor. XO- MJ

  2. Very cute wreath. We have pinecones laying around the yard. I love the dollar store.

    1. Thanks so much Linda. XO- MJ

  3. NikiLEOwife says:

    Love it! I’m so glad fall is here to decorate for. I’ll be featuring your post tomorrow on Crafty Creators. Thanks for sharing!
    Niki | Life as a LEO Wife

    1. Thanks so much Niki! XO- MJ

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