october reflection

Of course October is hil-ighted by HalLoWeeN!
This year we had Jose Reyes #7 from the Mets.  He looked fantastic with his make up on but it turned out it itched him too much.  So he wore it the first time around at the school parade & party on Friday, but on Monday when we trick or treated he opted out.  Such a bummer because he looked so great with the wig & all.  Love this boy!
Lexi was a cat skeleton. she looked a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! she picked the costume out all by herself & she remained committed to it (instead of changing her mind a gazillion times).  It was the perfect combination of still sweet with the pink & fur, but a little bit scary with the bones.  I love this girl SO much!
The school parade was fun & chaotic as always.
And then came the dancing by the student body.  This year they danced to Rocky Horror’s Time Warp” and Michael Jackson’s Thriller (again).
This was all followed by classroom parties.
Yes it was an all day affair and this was only Friday when Halloween wasn’t until Monday.  On Monday the festivities continued as we trick or treated with a group of friends.
To add to the harvest activities we also visited a pumpkin patch (I forget the name) where we had some game, horse back riding, pumpkin picking fun!
And we also visited a haunted house with Lexi’s brownie troop.
Another big October happening was Mocha’s surgery.  Our first born has been breathing heavy for about a year now & we finally decided to fix his esophageal paralysis.  He’s eleven & it has helped rejuvenate him plus now we can run & exercise him again since his breathing has been stabilized.  Apparently both flaps were pretty much doing nothing so it was the right decision according to the doctor.
Hoping to have this guy around for as long as we can!


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