“knock knock”

“Who’s there?”
“Maryjo who?”
“I know, I wouldn’t remember who I was either”.
It’s been 4 months since I last blogged and I won’t even attempt to explain or excuse myself.  I’ll simply back track and share in subsequent posts.  Right now I have some exciting news to share.
My Etsy shop is up & running.  I already had my first sale!  You can check out my Vintage Creations on Etsy here.  If your curious here’s the beginning story of vintage creations.
I have also become a {flea}.  Not of the pest variety but of the PaRIs FLea MarKeT sort.  The PFM is located in Livermore, CA and opens once per month for four days (Thursday thru Sunday) only on the first weekend of the month.  It’s running right now, where you can find home furnishings, collectibles and accessories in an eclectic mix of vintage, french country, Paris apartment, cottage, rustic and shabby styles (and once in a while a genuine antique!) with a past.  You can read more about it here and here.
So I’ve been super busy creating and being inspired.  Can’t wait to see what the future brings!



  1. evalyn says:

    Hey, girl! Good to see you blogging again. Your opening joke could apply to me too–haha! Your etsy shop looks great.

  2. maryjo materazo says:

    hi evalyn! i was just thinking about you the other day! lets get together soon! thnx about the etsy compliment; should have some more items up sometime this week. hope all is well! xo

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