moss chargers DIY

Moss chargers DIY 1
I recently created these moss chargers using inexpensive, plastic chargers and moss sheets.  It was pretty easy and I love the organic vibes they gave this table{a MOSSY tablescape} I shared a few days ago.
Mossy tablescape5
This DIY craft is very simple and you only need inexpensive, plastic chargers, sheet moss mats, spray adhesive and sturdy scissors. 
Moss chargers DIY 2
I bought my 6-pack of plastic chargers at Michaels after the holidays when they were marked down.  I usually stock up when they are discounted for projects like this.  Other good sources for plastic chargers are the dollar store | tree and thrift stores.  The thrifts stores are hit & miss since quantities are sometimes spotty.  Also I don’t know about in your area but around here they are actually sometimes priced too high.
Mossy tablescape2
For the moss I used these rolls, using a coupon.  I used two rolls; the rolls are 18 x 48 and each yielded 3 chargers.  I have a ton of scraps left over, which I plan to use for another project.   The tools used are scissors, which I recommend a sturdy kind to cut through the moss mats, and spray adhesive.  I think you could also use a hot glue gun, but I thought the spray would be less messy.
Moss chargers DIY 4
Start by rolling out a moss mat and laying 3 chargers on top, giving each one enough clearance to cut around.  Cut out a square leaving a good edge around the entire charger.
Moss chargers DIY 3
Spray the front of the charger liberally with the spray adhesive concentrating on the edges and then lay the moss square on top.  Press the moss against the charger in order to form it to the shape of the charger.  After letting it sit & adhere for a few minutes cut around the entire edges of the charger to trim it properly to size.
Moss chargers DIY 5
That’s it!  It’s a pretty simple project.  Moss does tend to be messy, which is the only drawback, but I love moss and I do not mind the mess.
Moss chargers DIY 6
I’ve been wanting to make these for awhile now and I am so happy I finally did!  I will be using these in many tablescapes to come.
Moss chargers DIY 7
You can see them in my recent tablescape by following the link below.

Mossy tablescape4a mossy tablescape

The goodness of the world grew like moss in cracks, she thought. It grew, somehow, with hidden roots, nourished by something unseen.

~K.J. Bishop~


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