easy fern decor in water with clear glass vases

easy fern decor

I love ferns. They tend to be a pretty hardy plant for either outdoor or indoor use. I’ve never used it as cut arrangement greenery but this project might just change that in the future.

easy fern decor

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about the ferns

We have ferns in our backyard. They grow on a rock wall we had installed when we first moved in and cleaned up the backyard. We did not plant the ferns they propagated on their own. I am guessing the previous owners had ferns, and these plants just fought their way through.


Nature is pretty amazing that way. I love how these ferns soften the rock wall and add more dimension to the design. I have never used the ferns before, but I always admire them in the yard. They look so happy to be here always dancing across the rock wall.


These seem like a common fern variety. A Boston fern maybe? I am not 100% sure since we did not plant theses ourselves, but that is my educated guess

creating some easy fern decor

To create this fern decor you only need a handful of items.

easy fern decor inn clear vases
  • Fern clippings
  • Clear vases
  • Water
  • Gardening clippers

This pretty decor comes together in minutes with minimal artistry, but has a fresh and clean impression.

easy fern decor inn clear vases
  • Select the clear vases you want to use.
  • Clip fern stems to sizes according to your vases.
  • Match your fern stems to the selected vases.
  • With fern stem inserted in vase, fill vase with water so most of the stem is submerged.
  • Place somewhere in your home you can enjoy.
  • Viola!
easy fern decor

styling ideas for the easy fern decor

You can do one vase alone with one or two clippings for a very sophisticated and simple decor detail.

easy fern decor

Or you can amass them in a cluster as I did. I used nine different vases to make a statement. The vases are different styles from cut crystal to plain vases to simple glass pieces.

easy fern decor

I used the different styles for two reasons. One) the different styles add variety and depth to the grouping. Two) these are the clear glass vases I own. 🙂

easy fern decor

You can also of course pair these with a fern houseplant to add variety in style of greenery. I chose to place my fern in a crystal bowl to continue the glass theme.

easy fern decor

Of course candles are always a great addition to any styling or vignette. I added some of my beeswax candles that I shared a few weeks ago here {beeswax candle DY}.

easy fern decor

The candlesticks sparked the idea that these fern vases would make a great center piece down a table scape design with candles intermingled. You know it’s just a matter of time before I set a fern inspired table.

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Once I was done with this project, I lined up the vases on the mantel in the living room. I recently removed all the patriotic decor I shared here {styling a patriotic mantel using vintage milk glass}so it was pretty barren. I love the way it looks!

easy fern decor

One of my favorite formulas for mantel decor is to line up similar items up and down the mantel. It’s simple but always looks so fresh.

easy fern decor

The mantel styling is simple and it’s a great design to wind down the summer until we start turning towards some early fall vibes.

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get the fern in clear glass vase look

“Nature made ferns for pure leaves to see to see what she could do in that line.”

Henry David Thoreau

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  1. Caroline ap Rees says:

    Always a fan of ferns !

    1. I love ferns too! 💛🌿

  2. Pam says:

    I love this idea, simply elegant!

    1. Thanks Pam! XO- MJ

  3. What a pretty idea, MJ!! I love ferns too…it’s the one plant that I can consistently get to thrive on my all shade patio!! They are such a lovely shade of green, aren’ they? I love how simple your display is yet adds such depth and texture to the mantel!!

    1. Thanks Rachel. I love ferns too. I’m going to try to make a container garden using different ferns if I don’t run out of time this summer. XO- MJ

  4. EsmeSalon says:

    Beautiful and I love ferns, although do not have any available but am sure will be able so source some in the wild.
    I visited you via 692ND INSPIRE ME TUESDAY
    I linked up this week with = 61+62.
    If you have not joined us as yet at SSPS do come and share your awesome post/s with us
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  5. I love this grouping and bringing a little nature inside, so pretty MaryJo!

  6. Cara says:

    Your fern vases look great MaryJo. They also look great in your wall. My mom has a lot of luck with ferns too. She has a bed full of them, I always admire them, but succulents seem to be the only thing I can grow so far. Great idea you had in putting them in vases! Thank you for sharing.

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