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Img_5018_3So a few weeks back I was stressed over the selection of the paint color for our new house.  You can read about it here.  Well, anyway, I knew what I wanted, I just couldn’t find anything that matched in any of the exterior paint swatches at the many paint stores I visited.  Everyone offered to help me, but let’s be honest, matching paint can be somewhat tricky.  So anyway I drove Matt by a house that had the “butter yellow” color I wanted and he suggested I knock on the door & see if they knew what paint color was on their house.  I’m thinking to myself “yeah, right”, but hey what did I have to lose?  So I got out of the car rang the door bell and was about to walk away after somewhat of a wait & suddenly the door opens.  It’s this very nice older man, who chuckled at my question.  “do you know how many times people have asked me that?” So I think to myself, “so you should know the answer off the top of your head, right?”.  not the case, BUT he does volunteer to see if he has the information.  He asks me to come in & shuts the door as I look at my sweet family looking at me from the car.  I’m a Law & Order, CSI junkie & all these thoughts go through my head, “basically the last time she’s seen by her family,..never to be seen again, blah, blah, blah” (this of course is all in a split second).  The nice gentleman walks into the other room, fetches his cane, comes back into the dining room where he asked me to take a seat & then labors up the stairs.  I take that moment to look out the window & wave at my family & giggle.  Nice man comes back down after I hear him rifling through drawers with a folder in hand.  HE HAS THE INFORMATION and it’s a Kelly Moore color, which is the paint store my contractor has an account with.  SCORE!  So when I ask him if I can run to the car to get my information to jot everything down he tears a piece of paper & just tells me to copy it down.  I look at him a bit helplessly & he realizes I don’t have a pen, pencil, anything to write it down with…”you didn’t come very prepared, did you?” he exclaims.  lol!  Between giggles, I explain to him I never imagined to get this far into the process & thank him for being so helpful & gracious.  Love the crotchety old man.  Anyway, it’s a discontinued Kelly Moore paint, Pale Straw, & we’re in business!  Here’s Matt testing the color on the back of the house.
Img_4426_2Butter yellow house with white trim & black roof, door & shutters (eventually).  I love it & as Matt would say it’s what I’ve wanted ALL my life.  but it truly is.  Since I cared about being a house owner anyway.  So do you remember the house we bought?  Here it is for those who don’t remember.  And here is our new home.  new paint, new windows, new light fixtures.  Can’t wait to move in & be somewhat settled.  The movers are scheduled for next Wednesday, but Matt & I will move as much small stuff as we can between now & then.  Hopefully the next week is uneventful & goes quickly so we can then concentrate on enjoying the Christmas season.  I haven’t even been able to think about christmas shopping and i refuse to be stressed about it.  Mainly because there are so many other things that are stressing me out that, unfortunately, take priority.  But in the big scheme of things I have no complaints because we have a new home waiting for so many wonderful memories to be made.



  1. evalyn says:

    Your house looks BEAUTIFUL with the new paint job! When we moved into our house it was 4 DAYS before Xmas! Crazy but that’s how it worked out at the time. Have fun, MJ!

  2. leah says:

    So glad you found that perfect color. HeeHee… that was such a cute story. 🙂 Enjoy!

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