on the menu – 3 layer salad

As the Summer kicks off and the warm weather is upon us, our cuisine tends to turn to lighter fare and salads are the perfect foil.  I love a good salad and I wanted to share a super versatile salad I make which can be bulked up as a dinner entree or tapered down forContinue reading “on the menu – 3 layer salad”

patriotic decor inspiration

Happy Flag Day. Since today is flag day and next month is the biggest holiday of the summer season.  Our independence day.  The 4th of July.  In about 2-1/2 weeks to be exact. In honor of this important day I’m sharing some patriotic decorating and entertaining ideas for inspiration.  The easiest way to inject someContinue reading “patriotic decor inspiration”

seashell tablescape

In honor of many beaches opening up across the country as SIP guidelines loosen, I’m setting a table with seashells and dreaming of the beach. I love decorating with seashells during the summertime and although I know it’s not “officially” summer yet the weather is telling me otherwise. The table is set in our backContinue reading “seashell tablescape”

container gardening 2020

This is just a light post to show the gardening containers I have potted so far this year {still the weirdest year ever}.  The reproduction olive buckets I have in the goat cart by the front door serve as cache pots so I simply slip in the grower containers and make sure they get plentyContinue reading “container gardening 2020”

late summer | early fall tablescape

Labor Day weekend is around the corner signaling the end of summer and turning the page onto autumn.  So of course I set the table, balancing this transition between the seasons.  I used leaf plates as a nod to fall but they are in a summery green color palette.  The additional crisp white dishes andContinue reading “late summer | early fall tablescape”

gardening 2018

Yup, it’s august- can you believe it?  Our garden{s} have already gone through a few different phases this season. The season had a weird start, which was unusually slow & cold for these parts.  In turn i was also slow on the uptake. §veggie garden Mr. Masterpiece is a high energy guy so he actuallyContinue reading “gardening 2018”

on the menu ~ shrimp lettuce wraps

I recently shared some casual summertime entertaining, which included a shrimp lettuce wrap dish I created on the fly.  As promised I’m sharing the recipe here. It’s pretty simple and delish, full of freshness.  I used an array of veggies I had in my crisper in the fridge but feel free to use what youContinue reading “on the menu ~ shrimp lettuce wraps”

seashell summertime decor

I cannot believe how fast summer is flying by!  In about 3 weeks the Masterpiece children will be back to school.  What?!?!  Anyway I wanted to pause the season for a moment to share a favorite staple of mine in my summertime decor. I love seashells- all shapes and sizes, but since we do notContinue reading “seashell summertime decor”

summertime entertaining

Summertime entertaining relaxes the tempo with its air of casualness, which often includes outdoor spaces.  I love eating al fresco, while enjoying the beauty of nature all around.  It adds a layer of leisureliness and reduces stress factors which is much needed in this era of technology and immediate gratification. A few weeks ago weContinue reading “summertime entertaining”

dinner for 2 al fresco

I love eating al fresco.  It usually up in my mind a little bistro in Europe with amazing food, wonderful vistas and great ambiance. So here’s a nod to all those fantastic memories of those memorable meals right in the corner of our own patio. It immediately elevates whatever one is eating, drinking, talking about,Continue reading “dinner for 2 al fresco”