happy easter

Hope everyone had a blessed holiday. Surrounded by friends & family. We hosted our family at home and had a very nice day. It was very peaceful; the way it should be. Full of reflection on the meaning behind the celebration. Fortunate to be together & share an amazing day. Here’s a little sneak peekContinue reading “happy easter”

…and the oscar goes to…

So in honor of the recent Academy Awards here are a couple of movie reviews.  Totally unrelated to the goings on from Sunday, but reviews none the less. Shutter Island.  just saw this in the theaters a couple of weeks ago.  Ok, i love Leo (politics aside) & Mark & psychological thrillers & Scorsese (for the most part),Continue reading “…and the oscar goes to…”

voting is a privilege

Don’t forget to vote.  Although it’s our right as United States’ citizens, it truly is a privilege.  I think when we all get caught up in the political campaign craziness we all lose sight of what truly is important.  As a United States citizen who was born in a foreign country, I feel very fortunate to beContinue reading “voting is a privilege”