a timely mantel

Timely mantel

Last week I showed you my sparse and barren decor after all the Christmas decorations were carefully tucked away for the year.
I have slowly started to add some details and tweak some other things.  Of course the mantel is always a go to, fun decorating destination.

Timely mantel1

Remember the mantel looked like this?
Time for pause2time for pause
To reflect all the time laying ahead of us in 2018 the mantel is now adorned with time pieces, from a collection of clock faces to an alarm clock from pottery barn to waterford crystal clocks gifted to us as a young married couple.

Timely mantel2

 Fresh flowers are a welcome respite from the winter gloominess around us.  It has been rainy and gray around here.

Timely mantel3

I chose white flowers, keeping it in a neutral palette.  The white tulips are a foreshadowing to the spring season that’s ahead of us.
Timely mantel4
I complimented the white tulips with some white stock and pom flowers, using crystal vases to echo the crystal clocks.  Little details like that brings cohesiveness to a vignette which most people won’t overtly notice but will none the less feel when looking at it.

Timely mantel5

The last detail I added to the mantel are birch candles since it gets so dark so early right now.  They create great ambiance and they have a timer switch so I don’t even have to think about them.  They go on by themselves and they turn off by themselves.  Best invention ever!

Timely mantel6

Time marches on and before you know it I might add some romantic touches for valentines day with some blush toned blooms.
Timely mantel7
For now, I’m enjoying this fresh mantel arrangement… and tweaking other details and spaces around our home.  Stop by again soon and see what else happens around here.

Timely mantel8

“They always say time changes things, but you  actually have to change them yourself.” 
~Andy Warhol~


  1. I adore your mantel. The decor is so fresh and lovely!

  2. Sabrina says:

    Your mantel is gorgeous! I love all of the elements of it!

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