thankful, grateful, blessed

From the archives.  This seems more fitting than ever, considering the current state of affairs.
I am thankful for my family who surround me on this important day.


I am grateful for this home I share with my family.


I am blessed to live in this country that celebrates this fabulous tradition.


Being born in Uruguay and growing up throughout North, South and Central America, I was always fascinated by this holiday, which was so foreign to us.  Thankful3
It was our American friends throughout all the countries we lived in that introduced me to this celebration and shared all the customs.


I learned all about the history in school, but it’s another thing to see the decorations and smell the flavors of Thanksgiving and taste the delicious feast.
I’ve lived in the USA for decades now and I am thankful to call myself an American.  Thankful6

I am grateful to enjoy an American life with this wonderful tradition.


I am blessed to share it all with my family and instill so many traditions that will be carried forward.


I am ready for our Thanksgiving holiday and I’ve started to inject some Christmas magic as well.


Did you notice the truck and holiday wreath on the window?- I just shared about my target escape here.


Here are all the details on the burlap|chalkboard banner, thankful wreath, pumpkin sign and burlap sac.


I love how the porch looks right now but super excited to start morphing it into Christmas goodness like this…
I am thankful through and through!  Wishing all health & happiness this Thanksgiving.
“I am thankful for what I am and have.  My Thanksgiving is perpetual.”
~Henry David Thoreau~

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