Halloween tablescape styling moods

Do you have a particular style for your Halloween aesthetic? Or are you like me and like a little bit of a lot of different looks? I like eerie and creepy and whimsical and so much more when it comes to the Halloween holiday. So I thought I would share some different ideas on howContinue reading “Halloween tablescape styling moods”

through the seasons – an ornamental birdcage

Next in my “through the seasons” series I wanted to share my ornamental birdcage since I just decorated it for Fall.  If you are not familiar or just curious of my “through the seasons” series you an see all the previous posts at the end of this post. The ornamental birdcage sits in front ofContinue reading “through the seasons – an ornamental birdcage”

happy all hallows’ eve 2017

or happy hallowe’en. or happy all saints’ eve. or whatever you call it and however you celebrate it, i hope everbody is safe and sound. I’ll be home with  some family handing out candy and watching the world series. Said family does NOT include Master and Miss Masterpiece, who will be with their respective friends.Continue reading “happy all hallows’ eve 2017”

halloween review

I have not gotten to the halloween bins in the attic yet {seems to be my trend this year, which does NOT coincide with my one little word for the year- “timely” by the way but that’s a topic for another day}. Anyway… I thought I would share some of our halloween spookiness from yearsContinue reading “halloween review”

witchcraft 2015

I created a witchcraft vignette on my sideboard in the living room with the potion bottles & spell books I made {I give a DIY tutorials on both in case you want to save or pin it for next year}. I’m ready for Halloween. The kids wore their costumes to school yesterday, which really made me happyContinue reading “witchcraft 2015”

spell books – diy

So along with the potion bottles I made spell books to complete the story.  I’ve pinned a bunch of ideas & read a bunch of tutorials on the subject…and here I’m sharing the techniques I used. I had these books in my stash from thrifting | garage sales | flea markets | etc. I used themContinue reading “spell books – diy”

halloween potions, poisons, powders and more – diy

DIY ghastly apothecary jars & alchemist bottles. I made these grungy Halloween containers for any potion or elixer a witch or wizard might need to cast a curse or spell. I made them from everyday household glass bottles, including sparkling water, jam, vinegar, even a candle, you get the idea.  There’s only one bottle IContinue reading “halloween potions, poisons, powders and more – diy”


I’ve been wanting to do an Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” vignette for Halloween for a few years now. BUT I did not have the pièce de résistance. But, viola, I found it earlier this year; remember this? So I finally completed my vision. This was really fun to put together. I printed the bannerContinue reading “nevermore”

touches of halloween

I have not broken out all the Halloween bins yet. But the kids keep asking. Specifically my son, aka Master M. He loves traditions & holidays. And I love that he loves that. So I’ve been sprinkling little Halloween touches, here…and…there. But he’s most interested in the outside freak show. I informed him today itContinue reading “touches of halloween”