sweet valentines

Happy valentine’s day!  Just wanted to pop in and spread some love.  The Amaryllis our friends gave us over the holidays opened up today with perfect timing.
Isn’t she a beaut?  You would think I timed it or something, but in reality I was a bit worried I planted her too late.  I didn’t get to her until the beginning of January since the packaging it came in was so pretty I just let it sit under our tree through the holidays.  We’ve been watching her grow and grow and grow and we even joked it would bust through the ceiling like a magic bean stalk… you can’t tell from my picture but the stem is REALLY long; I actually staked the stem the other day ‘cuz she started to topple over.  Worth every little bit of work if you ask me and it was actually very little work with such a pretty reward.  I’ve always wanted to force one of these bulbs since Martha Stewart is a big fan of them but just never made the effort.  I think it’ll be doing it again.
Here’s a little touch of {loVe} in my home:
The little altered compact reads: “it is at the edge of a petal that love waits”.  I made it a few years back in either a class or challenge or maybe simply from blog hopping inspiration; I can’t quite remember.  But she’s sweet & comes out to play at this time of year.  It’s not a huge decorating holiday but I still like to inject some details throughout the house here and there.
Here are a few pretties I made for vintage creations and sold:
Here are a couple that didn’t sell, but doesn’t make them any less pretty:
With that I leave you with this sweet gent:
To my valentine


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