september recollection

Here I ago from not posting in 4 months to 4 posts in one week.  Talk about feast or famine.  Have to go where inspiration takes you though…always!
September found us in full swing w/ back to school routines, field trips, activities etc. along with the tail end of my aunt & uncle’s visit from Uruguay.  This was a special visit as they celebrated my aunt’s birthday & 50 years of marriage while they were here.  I feel very fortunate to be able to share these special moments with them and form these memories together.
But they were not the only visitors we had in September.  Sebastian adopted a new pet who lived with us for a few weeks.  m\Meet bubbles:
Sebastian and his buddy Owen created a habitat with all the things bubbles might want & need (Sebi looked it up on the internet, which was very cute I might add).  Unfortunately bubbles needed to live in the wild, aka our yard, and it was a tough lesson for the kids to learn.  We had a formal memorial in the backyard and I don’t think we’ll be adopting any new pets anytime soon.  for some of us life goes on….


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