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For May’s workshop we will be creating two 12×12 2-page layouts, using the same sketch, but changing the relationship between the patterned paper & card stock.  It’s a simple concept, but interesting to see the different results it creates.  This can be done in many different ways, not just by interchanging the type of paper.  For example, the same layout can be created, but in one instance use buttons as your embellishment & in another use flowers.  The result will be very different but the creative work to develop the layout is the same, saving time and allowing for creativity to flow.
Workshop will be help Thursday, May 29th @ 7:30pm in my home.  If you are local & would like to participate please drop me an e-mail.
Happy scrapping!

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  1. {lea} says:

    Good luck!! 🙂 They look great! 🙂

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