lexi’s sleepover

So we finally, Finally had Lexi’s birthday sleepover.  Yes, her birthday is in June and we had celebrated in Idaho (remember this), but I had also promised her a sleepover with her Montair BFFs from kinder.  We didn’t want to have it during the height of the summer ‘cuz everyone’s traveling and busy so we wanted to do it right before school started when everyone is back in town gearing up for back to school.  Well, end of summer came & went.  First day of school came & went.  I finally got our act together the 1st weekend in October when we got back from Disney.
The deal is 5 little buddies invited so Lexi makes 6.  Sebi had the same deal-ie-o when he turned 6.  Remember this.  Anyway, it ended only being 5 little girls because of family commitments, but it was fun, Fun, FUN!!!  Here’s the gang.
I had set up activities & crafts to make sure the girls were entertained but they had fun simply running around the back yard with the soccer ball and playing tag and giggling… so between all that we played games and created a friendship necklace
And they decorated a frame where we inserted the above group picture. and they all had matching slippers to wear for the sleepover.  I had wanted to give them all pedis to go w/ their new slippers, but Lexi did NOT want to do that and put her foot down (no pun intended) {wink}.
Makes me a bit sad; she’s all about jean shorts and sneakers (all tho the twinkle toes are cute & all); she no longer wants dresses & frills….  she’s growing into another phase.  To me it seems more Tweenesque aged things but then again each generation becomes more advanced.  She likes peace signs and bling and rainbows, which brings us to her birthday cake.  She wanted a confetti rainbow type of cake inside with a rainbow on top to match.  I did what i could….
That’s a rainbow made of colored sprinkles on clouds of white frosting.  Now, I don’t consider myself a baker (love to cook, but I’m definitely an aspiring baker) but it’s not bad if I do say so myself, right?.  The best part?  Lexi absolutely loved it.  Sebastian was impressed as well.  They both helped (ate batter, watched me decorate, and commented play by play…) but Sebastian grasped how hard it was to lay all the sprinkles just so.  But at the end of the day (quite literally) all the girls knew is that it was CAKE!
I wish you everything you can ever dream of baby girl!  xo



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