how does your garden grow?

We planted our veggie garden for the year,  ok, let me clarify.  I selected the varieties, the WHOLE family shopped for the plants, I arranged the vegetables and MATT did the actual planting.  I did some things different this year based on last year’s yield.
Tried & true: basil, parsley, oregano, rosemary, small tomatoes.
What I liked about last year’s crop:  small tomatoes (cherry, pear, grape, etc.), jalapenos & long, Italian peppers (just not as many plants).
What I didn’t like about last year’s crop:  the freakish zucchini, squash & cucumbers.
What’s new this year to the garden: snap peas, arugula & butter crunch lettuces.
Some of the above might (MIGHT) have been affected by the fact that I was a very, very poor garden tenderer (is that a word?) last year.  I DO plan to be better this year.  I’m excited about the snap peas & lettuces.  I know it’s not lettuce season, but we planted these from seeds anyway.  I just want to try it out & we’ll do it again from plants in the fall when it is the season.  the only things that survived from last year are the rosemary, chives & strawberries.  we actually didn’t harvest any strawberries last year so i’m excited to try these little, dainty pretties this year.  OH!  We also did a planter of mint (they tend to take over in the boxes).  Planning for some mojito magic, since it’s the one cocktail that evades us in this house.  We just can’t get it right.  I also like mint springs for summer desserts.  It’s just a  nice touch.



  1. Allie says:

    Wow! What a beautiful garden…are you for hire for my backyard?

  2. evalyn says:

    Love the raised planting beds and the whole garden area!

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