he’s TEN

January 31st 2002 Matt & I started our journey into parenthood.  I can’t believe my baby boy big guy is ten years old.  That went by so fast and I image the next ten will go even faster.  Here he is waking up on his big day.  gift of choice?  i touch.  He’s so excited.  I think in a way he feels independent.  His very own; not to share w/ anyone else.  The Ipad, desktop computer, PS3, WII are all great, BUT are shared w/ the family.  This is his to put in his pocket and take wherever he wants.  It makes me smile, but breaks my heart a bit all at the same time that’s he’s growing up so fast.
Saturday is his birthday celebration.  He wanted a football party so we will have the pre Super Bowl game in our backyard with about a dozen 9 – 10 year olds.  Doesn’t get better than that.
And of course he can’t forget about HER, who thinks she’s falling behind in the electronics game.  When I pointed out she has a Hello Kitty boom box in her room, which he does not have, it made her feel a little bit better… temporarily.


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