Happy Easter

Pails grunge
These are the cute easter favors Auntie Fabianna made for the kids, which was a good thing since I had NADA for them.  That’s right, zilch, zero!  So I stuck these cute little buckets and grandma&grandpa’s cards in each of their baskets.  Yup, that was my easter bunny work for the year.  Pretty lame, huh?  Also very unlike me, but in my defense I DID want the kids (especially Sebi) to pick out their “easter” gifts.  I usually include some toys in w/ the candy so we promised a trip to toy”r”us for Easter so Sebi could be sure to get the correct Star Wars lego kit.  He’s very into each character(s) that come w/ each lego ship, etc….  anyway, my girlfriend last night out to dinner briefly mentioned as I explain my Easter strategy to her that Toys”R”Us might be closed! (btw, she hadn’t done anything for her kids either, although they’re teenagers, but she’s still a mother & all, so I felt a bit better…)  I shrugged her off.  WELL, who knew.  Not only is Toys”R”Us closed BUT the Target next door is also closed.  My kids faces were quickly dropping in the back seat.  Well, thank goodness for Wal*Mart!  Open on Easter Sunday AND carries a Star Wars lego toy that Toys”R”Us AND Target does not.  SCORE!  Lexi picked out a magnet book w/ Cinderalla & Sleeping Beauty paper dolls that have magnetized clothes.  I loved paper dolls as a little girl so I was pretty happy with her choice, as was she.
And did you just say that I still could have gotten candy before hand?  Yes, since I know exactly what each one loves in this department, it does haunt me a little, but now I have all year to think about ways to improve my performance.
But in all seriousness, I am enjoying the low key Easter we’re having this year.  I really, really didn’t want to entertain at home (as we often do) and we didn’t get any offers so we did a bit of work at the old house (new tenants move in next week), ran some errands and grilled with the family.
Easter happiness; no complaints here.  Felices Pascuas!


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