halloween inspiration

I wanted to share some Halloween projects I just finished which were inspired by some fellow bloggers.

Halloween inspiration

I created a whimsical Halloween vignette to counter balance the very adult nevermore vignette I shared the other day.

Halloween inspiration1

I wanted to make a halloween glitter house last year but never got around to it and Worthington Court inspired me to get it done this year.
It was fairly easy to assemble albeit a tad messy.

Halloween inspiration2 Halloween inspiration3

I started by spray painting a paper mache house black, which I had picked up at Hobby Lobby last year (the bats are for a separate project I’ll share shortly).
After the paint dried (mine sat overnight) I sprayed each side of the house with spray adhesive & sprinkled it with glitter.

Halloween inspiration4

I followed the same steps on the christmas tree and strung some craft string pearls I had in my stash.
The windows & doors are covered in orange tulle & I also barred the front door with popsicle sticks I inked & wrote on.
Halloween inspiration5
I hot glued the tree & skeleton embellishment to the house as well as some orange ribbon trim to the roof line.
Once the votives are lit, viola! It comes to life.

Halloween inspiration6

I also created these ribbon candy corns that were spring boarded from just2sisters’ yarn candy corns.
I had a couple of cone styrofoam forms kicking around and I decided to wrap them with ribbon.

Halloween inspiration7

I simply used hot glue to hold down the ends and wrapped the cones.  Pretty easy.
Then of course to make them more interesting I placed them in a cloche.
Everything is more interesting under glass, right?

Halloween inspiration8

I have not used much orange in my Halloween decor in the past few years and I’m actually very pleased how this turned out.
I usually lean towards the creepy & macabre side of halloween but I am really enjoying this whimsical decorations.

Halloween inspiration9

This is why I love blogland- we all inspire each other to do new things.
On a separate note both Masterpiece children have their halloween costumes decided upon which makes this momma a happy witch.

Halloween inspiration10

I’m so happy my teenager, Master Masterpiece, is actually dressing up with his friends and embracing the holiday since for awhile there he was not sure.  Phew!  I got at least one more year of innocence.
Miss Masterpiece, my tween, is being a unicorn; actually she will be part of a flock, pack? (not sure what you call it) of unicorns with her friends.  I’m loving the sweet choice they made.

Halloween inspiration11

Do you like spooky or creepy or eerie or whimsy or another kind of Halloween?
Happy Crafting!

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  1. Love, Love, Love it!!

  2. Thanks debbie! xo- mj

  3. Maybe that was a herd of unicorns! Such a cute Halloween vignette! I know how you feel, glitter can make the cutest things, but boy, it can get everywhere, can’t it? Thanks so much for sharing at Celebrate Your Story!

  4. You have quite the collection of Halloween decor and you’ve done a great job displaying it!

  5. Oh the glitter!! The glitter bats are my favorite!

  6. Naush Samama says:

    Oh wow !!! So many fantastic details in your decor! Love the little house – and that child portrait really gave me the creeps.
    Thank you for joining us at Meraki Link Party.

  7. Looks fantastic and so ready for the spooky holiday. Thanks for sharing. #HomeMattersParty

  8. I am glad you stopped by and liked my post Naush. See ya soon. XO- MJ

  9. Thanks Donna. I can’t believe Halloween is almost here. This year has dragged out yet things seem to be happening quickly at the same time. XO- MJ

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