festivities follow-up

Lexi’s 5th birthDAY, ‘cuz it lasted allllllll day, was fun & crazy & exhausting.  We started the day with a Princess mani/pedi and Lexi LOVED it!  I might have created a monster.  She got the full blown deal w/ pumice stones and cuticle treatments and lotion rubs AND it still has not chipped off 36 hrs. later.  That’s a record for any nail polish in Lexi’s five long years of life.
She selected the colors all by herself.  Surprised?!!?  Anyway, after the salon we headed for the candy shop for some old fashioned candies to put in the goodie bags.  Of course the birthday girl couldn’t leave the store without a treat for herself and walked out with a lollipop practically as big as her 5 year old self.
After stuffing all the goodie bags for her friends and Sebastian getting home from lego camp we head over to Safeway for the beautiful barbie ballerina cake….that was not ready…and allegedly not ordered.  Well, upon some quick research the head master baker admits they flubbed and will quickly make it for us if we can come back in an hour.  Well, this is where the best laid plans go out the window.  We had planned lunch w/ daddy in Pleasanton and currently we’re at the Safeway in Alamo, which is a good 20 to 30 min. ride depending on traffic.  The party is also in Pleasanton so this means going from Alamo to Pleasanton, having lunch with dad, going from Pleasanton to Alamo, picking up said cake, and finally going back from Alamo to Pleasanton.  Why not, right?  What else am I gonna do?  “Hey, Lexi, you know that beautiful cake you picked out the other day?  Well the evil head master baker witch didn’t bake it for you.  So u don’t get a beautiful barbie ballerina cake for your 5th birthday…”  Anyway, I promised to be back in a couple of hours (at a reduced price mind you).  So we had a fun lunch with daddy, spend almost an hour in ToyRus where she gets a balloon & crown and everyone wishes her a happy birthday, but can’t find anything she Really wants so we end up at Target.  1 pair of shoes, 2 dresses and a jewelry mannequin later we head back to Alamo for the cake.  Back to Pleasanton for the party & to say Lexi had a good time is an understatement.
After a very short moment as a princess she opted for the fairy existence.  A very good choice in my opinion; the colors just worked better for her.
Lexi & all her friends played dress-up, created some crafts, had a fashion show, ate and danced.  Life doesn’t get better than this for a five year old fairy surrounded with friends & fun.
Even Noah her little prince was there.
Who she had no inhibitions about eating on her first date with….
The princess tea room was super cute and a great experience.  After we sugared the kids up with cake (‘cuz they weren’t hyper enough as it was) we sent them on out to the arcade.  And although it might not seem like it, my prince was there too, he just spent most of his night in the arcade with some buddies.
And after going home and while opening her presents my five year old daughter says to me “hey lady are you ever gonna stop taking so many pictures!”



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