faux cast iron candlestick DIY

Faux cast iron candlestick1
I love cast iron decorative accessories.  When I saw this candlestick in a thrift store it reminded me of cast iron pieces although I believe it’s constructed of resin or fiberglass.  I thought to myself this could be transformed to look like cast iron and I will show you the steps used to convert this into a faux cast iron candle holder.
Faux cast iron candlestick2
I have a love affair with cast iron pieces which you can read all about here{metals V-cast iron}.  We already own a couple of cast iron candle holders and this latest, new candle holder compliments them nicely and rounds out the set.
Faux cast iron candlestick3
Although it’s not constructed of cast iron, the paint and distressing job tricks the eye.  Also since it’s grouped with other cast iron pieces it gives you the impression and illusion that’s it is also constructed of cast iron.  It’s the power of suggestion if you will.
Faux cast iron candlestick4
To alter the resin candle holder it was cleaned thoroughly before a coat of Annie Sloane New White chalk paint was applied.  Once the paint dried thoroughly, sandpaper was used around the relief to expose some of the dark color underneath.  I did this entire process twice.
Faux cast iron candlestick5
To add another layer of depth to the piece dark wax was also used in the crevices.  So between the exposed base color and the dark wax it adds layers which looks like years of use and like it has many stories to tell.
Faux cast iron candlestick6
The DIY faux cast iron looks great and looks right at home with the other cast iron candle holders.  I love the profile of this new piece and that’s what drew me to it in the first place.
Faux cast iron candlestick7
The candle holders are a great variety and mix which compliment each other in size, color and shape.  They are pretty all on their own.
Faux cast iron candlestick9
Of course they look great with candles as they were intended to be used, whether using real candles or battery operated.
Faux cast iron candlestick10
They are also great pieces to used styled throughout the seasons.
Faux cast iron candlestick8
The only time I really notice the difference is when I move the candlestick since it weighs considerably less than the cast iron pieces.
Faux cast iron candlestick11
I am looking forward to dressing and styling these candlesticks through the seasons.  

Faux cast iron candlestick12

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”


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  1. Rachelle says:

    Mary Jo, I love the look and heft of cast iron. Your candle holder was a good thrifted find and you added to it’s beauty with your paint and wax technique. Thank you for sharing the diy process at the FWF party.

  2. Thanks so much Rachelle. Yes, it had good bones just needed some TLC. Thanks for stopping by. XO- MJ

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