catching up

So I started this blog last year & haven’t done much with it.  So here I go trying to keep my family & friends in touch.  So here I am just sharing some family fun from last month.  Mocha, our first born, celebrated his 7th birthday and we tried to give him as much love as possible.  He’s usually last in line after Lexi & Sebi so we made him the star for the day.  We had a special shopping trip so each of the kids got a toy & treat to give him.  Mochas…..Img_3740 Img_3742
Much Mocha love.
Lexi also attended her 1st dance camp at Tiffany’s dance academy last month.  it was a week long camp and on Friday they performed a mini recital.  Well, let me tell you that they performed about 5 to 6 different dances.  It was action packed.  Lexi was adorable (of course) except that by the last dance she was kind of just goofing around since attention span had expired.  Each dance had it’s own prop, being the craft of the day they created during the week.Lexi_dancing_1 Lexi_dancing_2 Lexi_dancing_3
Here she is with her friend Janie.  Too cute!
And the dancing princess takes a bow.
I’ll leave with that for now, but stay tuned ‘cuz I do plan on updating regularly.

I love hearing from you!