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So the kids started school last week.  Here they are with the principal, who instills a fabulous community feeling at Montair Elementary.  Lexi started Kindergarten, while Sebi began 2nd grade.  I’m so proud of them.  Luckliy Lexi got a morning Kindergarten, which we weren’t sure about until the school posted the teacher/classroom assignments the Friday before school started.  Not only did she get a morning spot but she got who is revered as the “best” kindergarten teacher.  I hate to say that, ‘cuz they are all good, but there’s always one that everyone talks on & on about.  It’s actually a shared classroom so she has 2 teachers, one week on one week off.  The other teacher is one Sebastian had one day a week when he was in kindergarten & I really enjoy her.  Enough about the teachers, Lexi has adapted without skipping a beat.  She’s already made some friends & wants playdates, she talks about what she’s learning with an air of superiority (she’s a big Kindergartener now, c’mon), and she loves all the back to school clothes that came with the big move to elementary school (somethings will never change).  Any concerns or worries I might have had about her being ready have been squashed.  Can u tell she’s in her element?
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Sebi also has a fabulous teacher for second grade and he seems to have adapted wonderfully without going through the testing phase.  I think we have his first grade teacher to thank for that as well as all the preventative maintenance Matt & I did beforehand.  OR maybe he’s just growing up.  either way we’re very proud of him as well.  Matt & I were just discussing last night how he seems to have matured.  He takes care of his sister, he speaks more eloquently and just seems to “get it” way more than before.  This BIG boy will always be my baby boy though whether he likes it or not.
Back 2 school nights were this week & Sebi’s teacher gave him a rave report, quieting any doubts or concerns matt & I might have had.  We’re not worried about him academically since he tends to be a fairly bright boy, it’s that he’s too smart for his own good sometimes & likes to see how far he can push a situation for leverage.  (I say future lawyer by the way).  But apparently his teacher hasn’t seen any of that.  She loves his SPARK as she put it; love to hear that.  When she says it’s time for business she says he responds immediately.  Love to hear that too.  The funny part is we never even asked Lexi’s teachers about her transition.  Lol!  Clearly she’s the lower maintenance child in this category, ‘cuz we all know overall low maintenance is not how we would describe Lexaliscious (as my good friend coined her).  In my defense though, I was a bit preoccupied as a room parent in her classroom to make sure all the proper forms were filled out.  Not sure yet how I ended up a room parent, but at least I’m sharing the job w/ 2 other great ladies.
One VERY happy family.  Two good kids, two proud parents (& one hairy beast at home~can’t forget mocha)……



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    Cute family pictures! Your kids look like they’re having a great time at school already.

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