anthropologie & terrain love

So I mentioned that I visited the brand new Anthropologie store in our area, which is HUMUNGOUS and contains the Terrain sub set store.  If you are not familiar with terrain– you must.  Go.  I’ll be right here when you’re done.  They have store fronts on the east coast but not out west so they partnered up with Anthropologie.  It’s a perfect marriage in my book.

Athro & terrai

These are some of the beautiful flowers I brought home from the store.  I love the cone flower in the middle and i’m in the process of drying it to enjoy it longer.

Athro & terrai1

They have real flowers.  They have dried flowers.  They have faux flowers.  They have plants.  They have seeds.  They have bulbs.  You name it;  they have it.
 Beyond the flowers | plants they have all sorts of gardening accessories and patio furniture and ornaments and rustic, nature inspired table top as well.

Athro & terrai2

Here is an example of their merchandising.  I wanted to bring everything home.
Everything is beautiful! they have floral stems, bunches, & arrangements.  They have potted flowers & plants.  They have wreaths and garlands.  I could go on and on.

Athro & terrai3

And this is only the Terrain portion.  The Anthropologie merchandising was just as incredible.  Let alone the extensive clothing, jewelry and shoe selection, but the furnishings and the linens and the home decor and the tabletop…  here is some major chandelier love.

Athro & terrai4

And some mirror love as well.  you can see my girlfriend &  reflected.  Oops.  I didn’t notice until I started editing my photos because I was too caught up in the moment oohing & aahing over everything.

Athro & terrai5

Really, like a kid in a candy shop.
Just to give you an idea of the magnitude of the store, it was a 2-story Barnes & Noble location that they took over.  I was very sad, as were my kids, to see the bookstore close but when I saw this I have to say I got over it just a little bit.  {wink}.

Athro & terrai6

as we enter the entertaining season this has quickly become my new go to destination for  center pieces and accents for our home as well as unique hostess gifts for our friends and family.
it’s truly inspiring!
Happy Retail Therapy!








  1. Cindy says:

    Oh my, this looks like an amazing shop. The flowers you brought home are so pretty; hope they dry well so you can enjoy them for a long, long, time to come.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  2. Kellie says:

    this is such a great post! thank you so much for linking up with Waste not Wednesday!

  3. Thanks Cindy! Everything in the store was so beautiful it was hard to decide. I’ll have to go back. Lol. xo- mj

  4. Thanks for stopping by kellie! xo- mj

  5. WOW What a fabulous shop! I bet you had a ball and the flowers you found were just gorgeous!
    Glad you joined up with Waste Not Wednesday so that I could find your sweet blog!!

  6. What a lovely shop. The ideas and inspiration are awesome. I so happy you shared it at Dishing It & digging it.

  7. Jann Olson says:

    Really amazing! Easy to see why you loved everything. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. Thnx Sam! I have a laundry list of things I want to go back to the store for. Lol. xo- mj

  9. Thanks for stopping by linda & hosting every week. xo- mj

  10. Thnx Jann. It was really fun & cant wait to go back. xo- mj

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