a St. Patrick’s day decor vignette idea

Hello friends! St. Patrick’s day is fast approaching and I am excited to share a vignette in our front foyer. Hopefully it will provide some inspiration and ideas for St. Patrick’s day decor around your home.

St. Patrick's day decor vignette

I choose to decorate our front foyer with seasonal decor since it welcomes our guests with festive vibes. I think having a welcoming and warm, foyer is super important for the “face” of you home. You can read more in depth details about that here {how to decorate a spring foyer}. Come on in, and let me share all the details of this St. Patrick’s day vignette.

St. Patrick's day decor vignette

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green is king

Of course green is king when you are decorating anything with an Irish twist. Since green is my favorite color, that’s a fairly simple task for me. A couple of items I picked up thrifting recently helped me add the wee bit of green for this vignette. Remember this {thrifted goodies – insights & inspiration}.

St. Patrick's day decor vignette

This slight green emerald vase reminded me of my grandmother. I added some felt flowers and foliage to this traditional piece to give it a fresh and more current feel.

St. Patrick's day decor vignette

The vintage flour sifter became a cache pot to a shamrock plant. This type of item has been on my hunted pieces list for awhile, which I talk about here {vintage thrifting – tips & techniques}. That little green knob on the sifter is everything.

St. Paddy's decor

If you have been here for any amount of time then you know the Santos bust and up cycled vase with the boxwood orb are regulars on the bombe chest. The fact that they are various shade of green are just a bonus for this vignette.

St. Patrick's decorations

Irish touches for a St. Patrick’s day decor vignette

The Irish touches in this vignette are very subtle, including the shamrock plant and the oversized hanging shamrock moss background. Both are on repeat every year when I decorate for then holiday {St. Patrick’s day inspiration ideas for your home}.

St. Patrick's day vignette

I prefer to use organic pieces to identify the St. Patrick’s day holiday, infusing natural elements into my decor. I think it’s a wonderful precursor to the spring season ahead.

St. Patrick's day decor vignette

The shamrock plants are a prefect way to do this, and Trader Joe’s has them every year, which are less than $5.00. I love houseplants and this is a great way to add something I love and inject a festive vibe. I have a houseplant post coming your way soon so stay tuned.

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blessing your home always

I added this home blessings book to the vignette along with the smudge stick, which is used in rituals to cleanse a space. You can read more about it here {a guide to smudging}.

Irish blessings

Irish blessing are always at the forefront during the St. Patrick’s day holiday, which brought me to include this sweet book in the vignette. It includes beautiful sayings, prayers and poems centered around the home.

House Blessiings

The smudge sticks echoes the sentiment to keep the home space clean and safe for all who dwell and enter our homes. The green agate stone in the smudge stick just reinforces the green Irish theme. I placed it in a little pot, symbolizing my pot of gold.

Irish decor

a simple St. Patrick’s day decor vignette

I feel you don’t have to go overboard with St. Patrick’s day “trinkets” to honer and celebrate the holiday. With some simple touches and details you can add festive vibes to your home for the holiday. Although it celebrates St. Patrick, who originated Christianity in Ireland, it is celebrated all around the globe.

St. Patrick's day decor vignette

Wishing everybody a safe and joyful St. Paddy’s day. Slainte!

“St. Patrick’s Day is an enchanted time—a day to begin transforming winter’s dreams into summer’s magic.”

Adrienne Cook

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get the look for a St. Patrick’s day decor vignette


  1. Myrna says:

    Very realistic vignette without being gawdy. It’s hard finding treasures now that people are buying up things to sell on eBay.
    I am waiting for a protester to go full on orange on a blog. LOL

  2. Cara says:

    I think I have told you before, but I love that bombe chest! It is the perfect piece to greet guests. I wish I could keep houseplants alive, but they only come here when they are ready to leave earth. The shamrocks in the sifter is so cute. Thank you for sharing your inspiration!

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