a great topiary mantel styling idea

Topiaries are a classic and charming way to add a decorating impact to your home. Today I am sharing our topiary mantel styling in the living room. Come see how this easy mantel-scape packs a stylish punch.

topiary mantel styling

inspiration for a topiary mantel styling

I think the main qualities that attract me to topiaries are the architectural designs and organic feels. My eye is always drawn to natural topiaries and it usually stops my scroll.

topiary mantel styling

The matching topiaries in gray pots flanking the gilded mirrors are the inspiration for the the mantel-scape. They usually sit on our headboard in the Master suite, and while giving them a much needed cleaning I decided to use them elsewhere.

I started by adding the two topiaries in a symmetrical fashion, flanking the mirror. Then I shopped around my house some more for other elements to compliment the design.

topiary mantel styling

design for the topiary mantel

By using a preserved boxwood sphere and moss balls and faux moss orbs I created other topiary-like elements besides the actual topiary trees.

topiary mantel styling

All the different “topiaries” lined across the mantel are different but yet they all compliment each other, making it a cohesive design. The design is not totally symmetrical, but I tried to balance it on each side although they are not identical mirror images.

topiary mantel styling

textures for the topiary mantel

All the different organic green elements are made of different materials, which provides rich texture.

Some of the organic elements are smoother like the moss and others have much more detail like the boxwood. The different textures add interest and depth.

All the containers holding the topiaries have great texture and design as well. I was very deliberate in selecting these items. The same color palette of grays bond them together but the different materials give the mantel scape dimension. The containers consist of cement, ceramic, cast iron and resin.

topiary mantel styling

colors for the topiary mantel

The color palette really only includes two colors, green and gray. I tend to lean towards monochromatic designs, since I find them serene and pleasing to the eye.

The cast iron candlestick has a touch of blue in it, which I love, giving the neutral color palette a little bit of zing. You can read all about my cast iron addiction here {metals V- cast iron}.

I bought the candlestick years ago at a local, monthly flea market, Alameda Pointe Antiques Faire, which I have not attended since it re-opened after Covid shut downs. I am hoping to get there next month since I am looking for a vintage birdbath for the front yard design. Hopefully I’ll have an update on the next phase of the front yard project really soon.

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elevations for the topiary mantel

Having all the “topiaries” at different heights provides interest and prevents all of them from blending together.

Luckily all these items are varied in measurements so they provide interest. Books and small pedestals are always a great resource to provide risers for different height levels if needed.

I also placed some of the moss balls on the mantel to bring the eyes up and down on the mantel scape, providing another layer of interest.

This mantel scape will transition from late spring into summer. Also this late Spring mantel-scape has many parallels to our early spring mantel design.

early spring mantel idea

Regardless of the mantel scape design I love having the gold mirror and frame as a backdrop.

topiary mantel styling

“Having fun unleashes creativity. It is one of the seeds you plant to get ideas.”

Jack Foster

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  1. Kathy A says:

    I really enjoyed your mantel vignette. I love making accessories for dollhouses; last week I took bargain moss covered hearts from Hobby Lobby (wedding section) and impaled them on thin sticks from my yard. Stuck the other end of the stick into a white ceramic drawer knob. Then I added glue and a bit of gravel to look like flower pot dirt! Voila–topiaries from 4-7″ tall for the dolls’ patio! They need decor, too! But they sure would be cute on a Valentine tea party table, too!

  2. NikiLEOwife says:

    This mantle-scape is lovely! I’m a big fan of topiaries as well. Thanks for sharing with us on Crafty Creators!
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife

    1. Thanks Niki! XO-MJ

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