6 benefits to planting your own vegetable garden

Veggie garden1
We finally got the vegetable garden planted for the season.
We have planted in this garden for several years now and before that we also had raised beds in our previous home but not as extensive.
I love, love, love having a vegetable garden and wanted to share some of the benefits I believe having your own garden to harvest from brings to your life.
Veggie garden2
We prefer to plant mostly tomatoes, peppers, lettuces and herbs in our raised beds in the spring time, reaping until end of fall, beginning of winter, which depends on that particular year’s climate.
BUT the what, where and how you plant should be specific to your lifestyle and preferences, bringing you the optimal benefits.
§ attainable
It’s possible to have a garden whether you have acres and acres of land or a small urban studio.  Vegetables, fruits and herbs can be grown in the ground, in raised beds, in containers either on a patio or inside, or on lattices, etc.  since we have the room in our yard we built a dedicated area for our raised beds with a surrounding picket fence to a} keep the critters out and b} to make it pretty.  I prefer the raised beds because it’s easier on the back & knees.  I hope to do this for many years to come when my body won’t be as forgiving.  You can have a small windowsill greenhouse with pots on your kitchen window or a large greenhouse structure on your property depending on your circumstance but regardless growing foods you can harvest & enjoy are attainable pretty much anywhere.  You can also rent space to garden your own crops in suburbia to metropolitan areas.  Be creative and just make sure you plant the right “type” of anything in conditions they can thrive.  Although we have the raised beds I plant my mint in a separate planter because I learned the hard way that mint spreads and takes over.
Veggie garden3
 § nutritional
Planting your own foods is good for your health since you control all the growing conditions, allowing you truly have a 100% organic product.  There are actually no additives, pesticides or unwanted chemicals used in your process {unless you add them yourself of course}.  It’s so beneficial for your mind & body to eat a 100% natural product {for a fraction of the cost of organic products in the store but that’s for a different bullet point}.  This process makes it easy to identify exactly what we are putting into our bodies, allowing us to eat as healthy as possible.  
Veggie garden4
§ sustainable
Planting your own foods is not only good for you but also good for the environment.  If more folks grew their own produce it would help a} society to be healthier as a whole b} the planet to be in better shape.  The sustainability is not only at the macro level but also individually it’s easier and easier year to year as the soil becomes conditioned and our process becomes refined.  Every year I learn something new and I apply it to the following year.  It is an ongoing process that feeds from itself.

Veggie garden5

§ economical
Growing your own food is also a great cost savings.  You might have to spend a bit in the beginning as you get up your gardening system, but after that what you produce will be at a fraction of what it costs at the store, especially for a truly organic product.  Once you make your initial financial investment, you should be done, only spending on seeds or seedlings in subsequent years to get the garden going.  Also you only harvest exactly what you need , minimizing waste.  This is especially noticeable for me with herbs.  Instead of having to buy a whole pack or bundle, I just snip exactly what I will be using with no waste.
Veggie garden6
§ therapeutic
Gardening can be extremely therapeutic for the body and mind.  It’s not a high cardio workout but you definitely maintain a level of motion and movement that benefits your body.  As well, it’s also very peaceful and powerful for your mind to sow, nurture, and harvest your own food, ultimately enjoying the fruits of your labor (no pun intended).  Since most of us that benefit from this do it at a hobby level rather than from necessity it is an enjoyable process that soothes the mind and tones the body.

Veggie garden7

§ gratifying
It is extremely satisfying to eat food you have nurtured, harvested and prepared.  I love walking out to the garden and harvesting what we need for dinner in the late afternoon.  The food just simply tastes better because you know it came from your dedication, devotion and diligence, making it quite delicious!

Veggie garden8

Personally we planted the following this year:
  • tomatoes {2 varieties plum; red cherry; yellow pear}
  • peppers {Anaheim; jalapeno; padron}
  • lettuces {arugula; butter ranch; romiane
  • artichokes
  • herbs {basil; chives; cilantro; Italian parsley; mint}
  • carried over from previous years, surviving the Northern California winters {rosemary, thyme}
I also wanted to plant kale but the nursery only had unusual varieties & I just wanted a common type so we might plant it from seed.
Here are some previous posts from our vegetable garden in may 2011 or april 2009.
Veggie garden9
The “farm to table” movement is very on trend right now and all these benefits are driving forces behind the movement.  I personally love exposing and teaching my children about it, involving them in the process.  I also love that most of the elementary schools in our area incorporate it into the curriculum.  I hope this instills in them the desire to want to grow their own selections when they are older.
I also hope this post might inspire some to go plant something they can eat.
happy gardening!
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  1. Carol Cook says:

    How wonderful that you have the space and will grow your own veggies. We just don’t have the space so I only grow herbs.
    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  2. Sherry says:

    You have a nice garden! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  3. thanks carol. herbs are my favorite to grow. i love to be able to just pick exactly the amount i need. i feel so wasteful when i buy the bunches at the store but can’t use all of it. xo- mj

  4. thanks sherry! xo- mj

  5. Jann Olson says:

    Nothing like harvesting from your own garden! Doesn’t get any fresher than that! I just used my last bottle of salsa. Hoping to get enough tomatoes to make more this fall. Thanks for sharing with the garden party.

  6. I’m with you! Just planted most of my seeds inside and will move them into raised beds after frost threat is past (mid-May around here). Can’t wait to get my hands dirty. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm xo Kathleen

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