1,2,3…. check

Img_4269_3I’m a list maker by nature.  I love to cross something off the list as much as I like making the lists.  I always have multiple lists going, to do list, shopping list, art project list, etc.  When I can’t sleep at night, it’s usually because I have so many things going through my head and if I get up- make a list, prioritize & organize all the thoughts on paper, the brain clutter goes away & I can get back to sleep.  This would definetly be the right brain part of me.  I don’t think this is exceptionally weird, I think many of you can relate.  Personally, I’m a multi-tasking mom, but I know this applies to many individuals across many lands.  Anyway, where is this going many of you might wonder, and really the whole point of this post is to jot down & share some of the stuff, brain clutter, going through my head at the moment.  The picture of this lovely light fixture is part of the decor in my new home & it’s also part of the photo a day assignment for my “a year to remember” class with Heidi Swapp at BPS so it’s relevant to the list below.
  1. Choose the exterior paint color for our new home ~ STRESSFUL!!!  It’s not like a scrapbook layout that didn’t turn out quite how you wanted & you can move on to the next one, kwim?  You have to love it & live with it forever or for a fairly long time anyway.  No turning back or else it becomes a costly redo.  Now knowing some of the paint choices I made in my current house, I’m a bit freaked out about the finality of the choice!  This is the first of many design choices coming our way, ie. to keep or not to keep the kitchen lamp.  (they all won’t be this long ~ just this is taking the most space in my brain right now)
  2. Bring my MemoryWorks business back up to speed.  Part of the reason this blog is going, create my Oct. workshop (yeah, I’m waaaay late), apply for business license, open bank account….
  3. Complete Sebastian’s school packet for Montair Elementary.
  4. Catch up with my aytr class BPS (3-4 months worth, yikes!).  Create cards for HKS card swapp.
  5. Clean house for open house tomorrow!
So that’s the top five for now.  It’s enough for me.  I leave you with my photo for today.
Love this Girl!


  1. Sarah says:

    I am sooo a list person. I get called out for it all the time! I’ve been known to make a list and put on the list “make a list…”. If it’s not on the list—it’s not getting done!

  2. leah says:

    Busy, busy! Just a note on the paint picking ~ did you know that most places offer samples now, so you can try it out on a little part in the back of the house ~ you can get a better idea if you like something. 🙂

  3. Janice says:

    What a cutie!!!

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