too cute to spook

Img_4756_editedSo these are my little ghouls.  Cinderella & the Red SPD Power Ranger (not to be confused w/ the red Mystic Force Ranger he was last year).  After a crazy day with one parade here, another parade there, taking pictures for the yearbook, helping out in Power Ranger’s classroom as room Mom, checking in on the progress with the new house we settled at home to have a really nice halloween night.  We started by carving our jack-o-lantern, which I promised Sebi we would do.  Daddy did the honors & it was totally fun for the kids. You can see jack in the corner of the picture.  Auntie Fabianna joined us for trick or treating fun in the neighborhood, which seemed to have WAY more kids than in years past.  It was really fun & I love to see all the decorations and fun things people do.  Lexi was a bit scared to the point she didn’t want treats from certain houses ‘cuz they were “too spooky”.  She was all over the treat thing so to skip a house meant she was truly scared.  This was the first year she understood the trick or treating concept & she rocked it.  She smiled & engaged everyone as they opened the door, actually she would step into the foyers & we had to remind her about personal boundaries.  She was so darn cute though!  My children have been on a sugar high for about 48 hours now since we started @ playgroup on Tuesday, which always makes for good times with Mom.  I love making memories like this & I was a bit sad thinking this will be the last Halloween in this neighborhood with these friends.  I guess I’ll just have to journal about these feelings when I get to these pages.  On that note i leave you with the Halloween layout I completed this past weekend.  Yes, it’s from two years ago, but that’s ok.  Lexi was our little China doll and Sebastian was a yellow dinosaur with green spots exactly as he requested from Grandma. I give you {Halloween 2005}:



  1. Lain Ehmann says:

    Great page! Thanks for updating me. I look forward to seeing more!

  2. leah says:

    Gorgeous page, MaryJo! I love the black accents. Are those part of the patterned paper? stickers? Great choice, either way! 🙂
    And they’re definitely too cute to spook! 🙂

  3. maryjo says:

    leah- the blk images are heidi swapp rub-ons. i HAD to have them & i’ve been saving them 4ever. so here they are & they are totally fun! thnx for the comments! mj

  4. Jen says:

    What little darlings!! Great halloween page!

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