This is it. 
Saw it this past weekend & would recommend it to anyone who grew up watching Michael Jackson.  I wouldn’t say I was a huge fan, but I had admitted he was a fabulous entertainer a long time ago & regretted not having seen him in his hey day (since it was during some of my formative years).  He probably would have been on my bucket list if he was still with us and had pulled off what promised to be an amazing show.  Very a la Michael.  there’s amazing documentation of rehearsals and he is truly in tune to all the details, nuances and movements a show of this magnitude entails.  There are so many talented cast members from all over the world who had survived auditioning & practiced relentlessly to now be part of a movie that memorializes him instead.  Weird.  Michael didn’t seem sleep deprived, depressed or distressed in any manner in all the footage.  It makes you wonder and the world will never know, but we will never forget him. 
We brought the kiddos with us since they like to listed to michael’s music in the car & they enjoyed it for the most part.  Got a little antsy towards the end, but I preferred that than watching another animated movie that I can wait for to come out on dvd.  This was a good family compromise.  Check it out.
    This is it michael jackson 



  1. evalyn says:

    I was wondering if the movie was worth it or just wait for DVD (like I do with all those Disney movies too!).

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