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C15400fe6e40f655348a3c727ab92aa1__3Check out Cocoa Daisy’s kit for November.  Karen Russell is the guest designer and they used  a combination of her narratives line and her favorite products!  I love her style and she always has great photography tips and advice.  Not only is the kit amazing but all the add-on kits are pretty awesome as well.
Courtney Lee add-on kit.  How cute is that?
And check out this stamp:
Just had to share.  LOVE this stuff.2af62ca0453ececa4693e53875bde33e__2


  1. evalyn says:

    You enabler! Okay, now I’m off to order the kit…

  2. leah says:

    Lovely. Cocoa Daisy puts together some really great kits, don’t they? 😀

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