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Recycle_bag_3So during my daily blog hopping I found out from Ali that today’s blog action is the environment.  If you’re a fellow scrapper I recommend you read Ali’s post, since it has some great ideas.
As a family of five, one of them being of the furry, four legged, tail-wagging variety, I’m astounded by the amount of garbage we generate every week.  One of my biggest pet peeves?  Those gazillion plastic bags we get everywhere you go- Safeway, Wal-mart, Target, etc.  Everywhere I turn I seem to come home with more & more bags. Sooooo this has become one of my new best friends.  I’m not partial to the color red, but I did love their design & who doesn’t love shopping at Target, right?  But that’s not really the point here nor why I decided to become a recycle bag lady.  I do NOT want to come home with any more plastic bags.  That’s one of the little things I’m doing to contribute!  My husband claims it’s just another excuse to own yet another bag, but it really isn’t.  I was born in Uruguay, and my grandmother always used a mesh bag at the grocery store, everyone did, that’s just how it was done.  It wasn’t politically correct or environmentally minded it was just culturally the way it was.  And for a few years I’ve been thinking of picking one up during our visits down there but I always seem to forget.  So here I am following a tradition for drastically different reasons, and it not only makes me feel good that I’m doing this but it also reminds me of my grandmother who I hope is looking down at me from a clean, clear sky!
This picture is also my photo of the day for my “a year to remember” class at with Heidi Swapp.  I LOVE it when I’m efficient!  I hope you will all join me and become a bag lady with me (bag men are also welcome).


  1. Monica says:

    That is a great idea. I have thought of doing this myself. I always come home with TONS of sacks from Walmart. But I in turn use them as trash bags in our small cans through out the house. I would have to have a bunch of these handy to take shopping..LOL we are a family of six and thats not counting the furry kind…Thanks for sharing this Mary Jo. Very inspiring.

  2. Janice says:

    I have been thinking the same things lately! I have bags I can use because my husband and I are teachers and teachers seem to accumulate bags like no ones business! Anyway, I haven’t yet gone out with one but you have inspired me to do so! Thanks MaryJo! Any how cool you are from Uraguay! How long did you live there?

  3. evalyn says:

    Yippee! You got your blog up! I will definitely be checking in on you. I’ve seen those shopping bags at Target and almost got one–you’ve inspired me, tomorrow I buy on and use it! BTW, Costco also sells shopping bags–but, I’d have a a hard time getting BOXES of stuff in them–LOL.

  4. leah says:

    I started this not too long ago… it’s great, isn’t it?
    When I heard that approx. 100 billion of those grocery bags head to t he landfill each year, I just about died. 🙁
    BTW, cute bag! 🙂

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