dusting off my book shelf

Grunge_reading_room_4So I’ve belonged to a book club through my mother’s group for a few years now & I joined the reading room over at BPS this year with Tena Sprenger.  Plus I subscribe to a few publications.  All that said, you’d think I read plenty, right?  Not the case my friends.  It really bums me out, ‘cuz I LOVE to read.  I was a Nancy Drew & Judy Blume fanatic.  I read all the JR Tolkein series, numerous Stephen King novels plenty of Sidney Sheldon, & Danielle Steel.  Hey, I never qualified the type of literature and I’m not apologizing for it.  Agatha Christie, Charles Dickens, Robert Ludlum, Ernest Hemingway, John Grisham, been there, done that, to name a few.  So what happened?  I got pregnant, I gave birth & I became a mother.  Although I love a good Dr. Seuss anytime & I always have time to read “Where the wild things are“,  it’s not exactly the type of read I’m craving these days.  I know that there’s plenty of mothers out there that still find time to read, but we all sacrifice something & I’ve either consciously or subconsciously chosen reading.  Therefore, I am making a conscious effort this year to read more.  it’s also good to know that I’m not alone.  My girlfriend, Evalyn, shares some of the same habits & aspirations.  I hope to add details of my very own reading room here where I will list my monthly reads from my clubs, classes, subscriptions, etc.  so here’s my current book shelf:
And what’s pretty cool & an added bonus through all this right now?  Sebi is an emergent reader.  It makes me so proud to see him so proud of himself as he vocalizes the words he remembers, sounds out or simply memorizes.  here’s his reading room this week and I’m loving him reading to me everyday.


  1. Sarah says:

    You are not alone! I got stuck in the same boat. I LOVE to read, but after having kids I just never made time for it. Plus, when I did sit down to read many times I’d fall asleep! The Reading Room at BPS has motivated me to get back into reading. I really want to impress the importance of reading to my kids so I need to pick it back up. Thousand Splendid Suns was AWESOME!

  2. leah says:

    LOVE reading! Anything, but when I want to get away, a good fantasy fiction. {sheepish} I think my Dad killed me on the bios when I was a kid, or I’d read more… 😀
    Good luck on the reading goals. 🙂

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