I Won!

I wish I could say the lottery since the California lottery is at some ridiculous # over 200 million…but I shouldn’t complain ‘cuz I won a giveaway on Ali Edwards blog during her {week in the life}.  It’s a really cool project but didn’t participate ‘cuz I knew it was way more than I could chew right now.  and that’s ok, ‘cuz I love seeing what everyone else creates.  Anyway, I’m the lucky recipient of a $50 gift certificate from Sweet Papery, very cool.  The funny thing is I didn’t even know I won until I read my girlfiend, Evalyn’s, blog and she called it out.  Evalyn did play along with {week in the life} and I’m excited to see what she comes up with since she’s super organized and very creative.
And since I can never just post with just words, here’s a picture of my maternal grandmother arriving from uruguay to visit us in whatever country we lived at the time.  I’m guessing circa late 1960s or early 1970s.
  Abuela antonia
She’s the one in the sunglasses.  I love that she carried a fresh bouquet of flowers on the plane for my mom and she had to carry on her clothes ‘cuz she clearly did not trust the suitcase handling or believe that we owned an iron.  All it tells me was that she was very attentive to details and it makes me nostalgic since I think we’ve lost much of that through the generations.  My grandmother or Abuela Antonia I should really say passed away April 27th 2006 & she’s been on my mind a lot this week.  I hope she’s keeping my mother & father and many others good company.


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  1. evalyn says:

    I love photos like these myself. My mom gave me some old photos of my paternal grandfather that I’ve been scanning (boring!). I like to imagine what their lives were like, what they thinking as those photos were taken.

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