happy valentine’s day

For Valentine’s Day a couple years ago my mothers’ group took all the little girls to Libby Lu.  Lexi was by far one of the youngest there, she was 2 at the time, and she thoroughly enjoyed herself.  Yes, she & her BFF Jane are very much into the girly thing!  SO this is the layout I created to memorialize the experience & it’s my workshop class for February.  Besides being cute & frilly & pink, it stresses 1} the use of photo collaging to use all the too many photographs we all take & 2} uses for lace ribbon.  The workshop is Thursday February 28th @ 8pm.  If you are local & interested in the class just send me an email.
These are the supplies I used:
Wishing everyone a LOVE{ly} day!


  1. leah says:

    Great workshop, mj! You always do such an awesome job with all those photos. 🙂

  2. Lacey says:

    That is such an nice layout – I love how you got ALL those photos on there w/o making it look crowded…great job!

  3. maryjo materazo says:

    thank u ladies! i learned the collaging technique in heidi’s aytr class last year. it’s not an every layout type of thing, but great when u have way too many fotos. tfl. mj

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